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Giving Toolkit: Give Now, Give Later, In-Between

Don't Be Caught Unprepared If Proposed Hawaii Estate Tax Bills Pass

Is Hawaii’s estate tax our newest “supertramp?”

Tax information release

Legislative Digest - 2018 Employment Bills after Adjournment Sine Die

Tax Foundation of Hawaii - 2018 Administration Proposal

More tools with GiftLaw Pro
GiftLaw Pro is a comprehensive charitable giving and tax information service. It is included with Crescendo Pro, Crescendo Estate and Crescendo Lite. Just one click moves the user into an extraordinarily comprehensive, yet user-friendly gift planning reference.

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Planned Gifts Calculator

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HCF Testamentary Language



Outstanding Professional Advisor in Philanthropy Awards

PA Video Series

These individuals received the Outstanding Professional Advisor in Philanthropy Award for their exemplary practice of incorporating philanthropy into their everyday work. The Hawaii Community Foundation works closely with professional advisors—including estate planning attorneys, accountants and financial consultants—to help their clients fulfill their philanthropic goals.

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Asking the Charitable Question

Ask the Charitable Question

Why should you talk to your clients about charitable giving?

According to the Philanthropic Institute, clients want their advisors to be more proactive in helping them plan their philanthropy. Many high-wealth individuals increasingly expect their advisors to be able to assist them with strategic philanthropy and to bring up the subject as part of the initial planning.

We have also found that when professional advisors work with clients to personalize their charitable giving, it strengthens and extends the client relationship.

Here are some questions that professional advisors have used with success:

  • Beyond family and business, what is most important to you?
  • Have you ever considered what kind of personal legacy you want to leave?
  • Do you currently volunteer for or financially support any charitable organizations?
  • When you think about the challenges facing your community, what are your major concerns?
  • In the future, how do you want to be remembered by the community? By your family?

Professional Advisor Video Series

PA Video Series

To help professional advisors assist their clients with planning for the future, HCF has developed a video series to help address some of the most frequently addressed topics.


Video Series

Professional Partners Educational Scholarship

Professional advisors (PAs) play a significant role in shaping our community through the advice they give to their clients. In order to provide PAs with an opportunity to sharpen their charitable giving and philanthropic skills, the Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF) provides an annual “Professional Partners Educational Scholarship” to two (2) PAs which covers the cost of attending a mainland charitable planning conference with the hope that they improve or maintain their work skills while enhancing their charitable advising skills.

Scholarship Guidelines
Application Form

For questions please email Tina Santos:


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