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Help your clients enhance giving while living with the following fund options

Donor Advised Funds

A flexible, tax efficient, and personalized way to receive an immediate tax benefit and support your favorite charity or charities.

PDF Icon Download the HCF Donor Advised Fund Information Sheet

PDF Icon Donor Advised Fund Corporate Gift Instrument

PDF Icon Donor Advised Fund Individual Gift Instrument

Designated Funds

Receive an immediate tax benefit when supporting your favorite charity or charities identified at the time the fund is established.

PDF Icon Download the HCF Designated Fund Information Sheet

PDF Icon Designated Fund Gift Instrument

PDF Icon Designated Fund Corporate Gift Instrument

Field of Interest Funds

Support a broad charitable purpose or category of interest such as the arts, education, human services, or a geographical area such as Waipahu, Kohala, Kauai or Windward Oahu.

PDF Icon Download the HCF Field of Interest Fund Information Sheet

PDF Icon Field of Interest Fund Gift Instrument

Scholarship Funds

Support promising and deserving students by assisting them with the cost of their education.

PDF Icon Download the HCF Scholarship Fund Information Sheet

PDF Icon Scholarship Fund Gift Instrument

Create a Signature Fund

A signature fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation offers a convenient, highly-customized alternative to a private foundation. Family members and corporate managers frequently find burdensome the numerous requirements, compliance regulations, and administrative costs of a private foundation. They want an easier way that results in more effective philanthropy.

PDF Icon Download the Signature Fund Information Sheet


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