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In the event of a natural disaster it can be difficult to mobilize support for relief and recovery efforts fast enough. This is the reason we have created the Strong Funds.

Strong funds build community resiliency through providing disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. They have been designed to support a coordinated response between our state and local government, first responders, volunteers, supporting organizations, and philanthropic contributions in the wake of an unforeseen disaster to our island communities.

Public Contributions to the funds will focus on these four key areas:

Community Readiness:
Includes pre-disaster planning, collaboration agreements, and projects that aim to increase each community’s ability to respond to disaster swiftly, and with equity.

Rapid Relief and Response:
Provides for immediate community needs when disaster occurs.

Recovery and Stabilization:
Involves helping community members return to normalcy including extended food relief, legal or rental assistance, or mental health services.

Rebuild Resilience:
Long-term rebuilding efforts focus on implementing regional development plans that prioritize each community’s natural resource management, culture and unique sense of place.

We encourage you to donate to any one of the county specific funds we have established below.