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Arts and culture are central to a vibrant and diverse community.

HCF recognizes how essential and enriching these elements are to the fabric of Hawai‘i and consider them an important area of focus in need of support.

Artists in the School

Artists in the Schools

The biggest challenge for the veteran teacher was not playing the drum, but becoming a teacher in the first place. Waite worked at Foodland for seven years before deciding that her real calling was not behind a cash register, but in a classroom. At 39 years old, with a two year-old daughter and a husband working as a commercial fisherman, the dream of going back to school to become a teacher was a stretch. Read the whole story.

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Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund


Laila Twigg-Smith (12-12-44 to 3-24-98) was a well-known art collector, patron of artists and museums, artist and visionary.

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