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Strengthening Hawaii's Communities

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We amplify the power of giving.

How We Work
WE ENHANCE LIVES. By supporting programs that meet specific objectives and by helping donors make smart and meaningful choices, the power and satisfaction of giving goes both ways. We work as Navigators with decades of experience working with donors, nonprofits and community leaders helps them chart their paths and stay on course.

WE CREATE PARTNERSHIPS. By bringing funders together with nonprofits and community & government leaders to leverage social investment. We work as Connectors to unite people and like-minded organizations because the resulting alliance is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

WE CREATE LASTING CHANGE. By making the most of today's gifts we work as Builders to ensure the benefits can ensue for generations. We are ready and able to design and create a program or organization if needed to build a stronger Hawaii.

WE SHARE KNOWLEDGE. By informing Philanthropists about the needs and community leaders about opportunities, initiatives and grants can respond to changing priorities. In turn, we assist recipient organizations to attain the highest standards of accountability and effectiveness, thus multiplying the effect of giving within the community.

The HCF Catalyst Fund supports our activities as NavigatorConnector, and Builder, that goes well beyond grant-making. The Catalyst Fund is critical to our strategic approach to identifying where generous givers can make the greatest impact for the people of Hawaii. In short, the Catalyst Fund is what enables HCF to transform social investment into social impact – to amplify the power of giving.

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