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The Hawaii Community Foundation is a catalyst for change and growth in our island community. We have had the privilege of working with individuals, families, businesses and organizations that are passionate about making a difference. We know firsthand how much donors in Hawaii care about the impact of their giving, and we look to amplify the power of their giving. Your generous support allows us to do this work everyday. Mahalo.

If the specific fund you would like to give a gift to is not listed below you can seach for the fund by name.

Community Scholarships

"First Generation" Community Scholarship Fund

Your gift supports scholarships to students who are the first in their families to attend college or have other unique educational circumstances.

GIVE to the "First Generation" Community Scholarship Fund


Catalyst Fund

The HCF Catalyst Fund supports our activities as Navigator, Connector, and Builder, that goes well beyond grant-making.

GIVE to the catalyst fund online

Give to the environment fund

Environment Fund

The Environment Fund supports programs, projects and organizations that protect and preserve the environment.

GIVE to the Environment Fund

Community Needs

Community Needs Fund

Choose to support an unrestricted fund to address community needs. An unrestricted fund is a broad purpose fund allows maximum flexibility to respond to the most pressing issues in the community now and emerging opportunities in the future.

GIVE to the Community Needs Fund


Community Arts & Culture Fund

Arts and culture are central to a vibrant and diverse community.

GIVE to the Community Arts & Culture Fund


Community Health & Sciences Fund

In the face of rising costs and reforms to the industry, aid for health care initiatives is increasingly important. Support for today’s research could provide cures for tomorrow.

GIVE to the Health & Sciences Fund

Community Restoration

Community Restoration Partnership Fund

Providing grant support for coastal habitat restoration projects.

GIVE to the Community Restoration Partnership Fund

Fresh Water

Fresh Water Initiative

Help fund innovative techniques and policies intended to ensure fresh water for our future.

GIVE to the Fresh Water Initiative


Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund

Seeking to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect.

GIVE to the Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund

Artists in the Schools

Artists in the School Fund

Funding to bring literature to life or music and visual arts into the classroom helps students expand their minds.

GIVE to Artists in the School


Tobacco Prevention in Youth Program Fund

A public health initiative dedicated to improving health by eliminating tobacco use among young people.

GIVE to the Tobacco Prevention in Youth Program Fund

The Hawaii Community Foundation reaches broadly and deeply throughout the state to understand community needs; it marshals new perspectives to do more with what it has.

Leslie Wilcox

— Leslie Wilcox President & CEO, PBS Hawaii - Hookele Award Recipient - PONO Fellow