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The Hawai‘i Community Foundation is a catalyst for change and growth in our island community. We have the privilege of working with individuals, families, businesses and organizations who are passionate about making a difference. Your generous support allows us and our partners to do this important work. Mahalo.

If the specific fund you would like to give a gift to is not listed below you can search for the fund by name.

The Al and Rosa Harrington Legacy Fund

The Al and Rosa Harrington Legacy Fund was established to honor the legacy of Al Harrington as a respected community leader and beloved ambassador of aloha within the film and television industry. The legacy fund celebrates emerging artists from throughout Polynesia as they perpetuate diversified cultural representation in entertainment.

GIVE to the Al and Rosa Harrington Legacy Fund

The Alexander Gaston Pearl Harbor Historical Sites Fund

The Alexander Gaston Pearl Harbor Historical Sites Fund provides funding for Hawai‘i youth to tour the four Pearl Harbor museums and gain a greater appreciation of American military history and sacrifices. The fund also provides support for these same museums: the Pacific Fleet Submarine Memorial Association, Inc., the U.S.S. Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

GIVE to the Alexander Gaston Pearl Harbor Historical Sites Fund

Artists in the School Fund

Funding to bring literature to life or music and visual arts into the classroom helps students expand their minds.

GIVE to Artists in the School

Catalyst Fund

The HCF Catalyst Fund supports our activities as Navigator, Connector, and Builder, that goes well beyond grant-making.


Essential elements of our island home are not working well for everyone. We believe that change can happen when we understand the challenges in front of us and work together to find and implement equitable solutions to those challenges. The CHANGE Framework identifies six essential sectors, or areas, that affect the overall well-being of these islands and people. Sustainable data points tell the story of what is happening within each area. This curated data set helps us to understand the interconnected nature of the sectors and how they affect one another. Doing so, allows us to examine the root causes and create effective solutions to solve Hawai‘i’s greatest challenges.

The Colt Brennan Legacy Fund

The Colt Brennan Legacy Fund was established by the Brennan family to honor the memory of their son and brother, Colt Brennan.

The Fund will support causes that Colt cared about – University of Hawai‘i Athletics and youth sports – in addition to organizations that advocate and provide resources toward making a difference in the lives of individuals struggling with mental health and addiction issues.

Community Arts & Culture Fund

Arts and culture are central to a vibrant and diverse community.

GIVE to the Community Arts & Culture Fund

Community Health & Sciences Fund

In the face of rising costs and reforms to the industry, aid for health care initiatives is increasingly important. Support for today’s research could provide cures for tomorrow.

GIVE to the Health & Sciences Fund

Community Needs Fund

Choose to support an unrestricted fund to address community needs. An unrestricted fund is a broad purpose fund allows maximum flexibility to respond to the most pressing issues in the community now and emerging opportunities in the future.

Community Restoration Partnership Fund

Providing grant support for coastal habitat restoration projects.

GIVE to the Community Restoration Partnership Fund

The Creative City Fund

The vision of The Creative City is to increase opportunities and access to the arts for all people. This democratization of the arts starts with changing how we think about the arts, and positioning it at the core of our community, as essential to quality of life.

Contributions will go towards powering culture and arts on O‘ahu.

Fresh Water Initiative

Help fund innovative techniques and policies intended to ensure fresh water for our future.

GIVE to the Fresh Water Initiative

Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund

Seeking to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect.

GIVE to the Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund

Hawaii Resilience Fund

Hawaii Community Foundation and Pierre and Pam Omidyar have joined together to create the Hawaii Resilience Fund to rapidly deploy resources and encourage community giving
to address the COVID-19 Pandemic.

GIVE to the Hawaii Resilience Fund

Hung Wai Ching Democracy Initiative Fund

The Hung Wai Ching Democracy Initiative supports and invests in programs and projects that exemplify responsibility, community and caring.

GIVE to the Hung Wai Ching Democracy Initiative Fund

The ‘Iole Fund

‘Iole, a nonprofit place-based research center and living scientific laboratory in Kohala on Hawai‘i Island, will bring together academic experts, Native Hawaiian practitioners, community members, students and government leaders to develop sustainability solutions rooted in ancestral knowledge and indigenous practices.

GIVE to the ‘Iole Fund

Promising Minds

The Promising Minds Initiative is supported by the Children’s Behavioral Health Fund to address the wellbeing and development of children under age 6 in Hawai‘i.

GIVE to Promising Minds

Rachael Wong Meilian Fund for Women and Families

Like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Melian in Middle-Earth, the Rachael Wong Melian Fund for Women and Families will help protect Hawaii’s women and families. To that end, the fund was created in celebration of Rachael Wong’s 50th birthday and to help amplify Rachael’s collaborations with individuals and organizations within Hawai‘i.

GIVE to the Rachael Wong Meilian Fund for Women and Families

Stronger Together Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund

Born out of the Covid-19 crisis which forced the early closing of the school year and cut short critical planning months for seniors, the Stronger Together Hawai‘i Scholarship fund gives 2020 graduates of Hawai‘i’s public school system the hope and ability to pursue their goals.

GIVE to the Stronger Together Hawai‘i Scholarship Fund

Tobacco Prevention in Youth Program Fund

A public health initiative dedicated to improving health by eliminating tobacco use among young people.

GIVE to the Tobacco Prevention in Youth Program Fund

The Wai‘anae Strong Fund

The Wai‘anae Strong Fund in Honor of Darren Scheidt was established by the founders of CalMed Hawaii, David Scheidt and his mother Levy Bynum along with their ‘ohana. The fund honors Levy’s son and David’s brother Darren, who became paralyzed at the age of 10. The Scheidt ‘ohana established the fund to give back to their hometown of Wai‘anae, and to encourage and inspire the same opportunities for deserving students.

GIVE to the Wai‘anae Strong Fund

The Hawaii Community Foundation reaches broadly and deeply throughout the state to understand community needs; it marshals new perspectives to do more with what it has.

Leslie Wilcox

— Leslie Wilcox - Hookele Award Recipient - PONO Fellow