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Strengthening Hawai‘i’s Communities
Focusing On Education & Social Change

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Education is the gateway to an improved future, and has been an integral part of Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s mission for a century.

And to us, supporting initiatives that strengthen students’ desire and ability to learn, as well as programs that teach our students better skills and offer competitive opportunities, is equally important as helping fund scholarships.

Pillars of Peace

16 - Pillars of Peace

“Pillars of Peace Hawai‘i: Building Peace on a Foundation of Aloha” was launched by the Hawai‘i Community Foundation in April 2012. We hope to inspire people--from keiki (children) to kupuna (elders)--to cultivate compassion, mindfulness and justice in their daily lives; to better understand the roles of compassion, diversity and culture in the practice of peace; and to grow ethical and compassionate leaders for Hawai‘i’s future.




Schools of the Future

Schools of the Future

Transforming schools to help prepare students for the needs of the 21st century. The impetus for Schools of the Future (SOTF) was based on the realization that future graduates need to have different skills to succeed in the 21st century. Among them, the ability to think critically, communicate well, be creative, and work collaboratively.

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Cecil “Guy” Marshall Fund

Cecil Guy

Supporting schools pursuing the International Baccalaureate World School program

The Cecil “Guy” Marshall Fund is a component fund established at Hawai‘i Community Foundation in 2006.  While the fund was established with a broad purpose, the Advisory Committee considers the charitable works of Guy Marshall and the needs of the community.  The Marshall Fund currently seeks to support schools that have established or are working to establish the International Baccalaureate World School program.