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For more than 105 years, the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation has worked with every kind of donor who wants to make a difference in our community. We can tailor a program just for you. Want to contribute to a cause, start a fund, or include HCF in your estate plans? We’re here to help.

Contact us!

Our staff are available to provide direct assistance.

Development and Donor Relations Team
Darcie Yukimura, Vice President, Philanthropy, at dyukimura@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5563
Tina Santos, Executive Assistant to the VP of Philanthropy, at tsantos@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5572
Malia Peters, Senior Director of Philanthropy, at mpeters@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5520
Jen-L Lyman, Director of Professional Advisor and Planned Giving Program, at JLyman@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5596
Martha Hanson, Director of Donor Relations, at mhanson@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5526
Kevin Rapp, Philanthropic Advisor - Donor Advised Funds, at krapp@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5552
Eric La‘a, Philanthropic Advisor - Scholarships, at elaa@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5557
Joanne Watase-Yang, Manager of Development Services, at jwataseyang@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5536
Ethan Wung, Development Database Administrator, at ewung@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5594
Leo Amador, Donor Relations Associate, at lamador@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.566.5507
Marissa Sandblom, Senior Director, Neighbor Islands and Initiatives, at msandblom@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.245-4585

Call Robin or Uri at the Kaua‘i Office number 808.245.4584 or email them:
Robin Pratt, Philanthropy Officer, at rpratt@hcf-hawaii.org
Uri Martos, Philanthropy Officer, at umartos@hcf-hawaii.org

Maui County
Call Inger or Harmony at the Maui Office number 808.242.6184 or email them at:
Inger Tully, Director of Community Philanthropy – Maui County, at itully@hcf-hawaii.org
Harmony Hallas, Philanthropy Officer, at hhallas@hcf-hawaii.org

Hawai‘i Island
Diane U‘ilani Chadwick, Director of Community Philanthropy, at dchadwick@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.938.8533
Malu Debus, Philanthropy Officer, at mdebus@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.345.6482
Chelsey Chow, Philanthropy Officer, at cchow@hcf-hawaii.org or 808.792.3101

Donor services is also available to help you and can be reached at 808.566.5560 or donorservices@hcf-hawaii.org.

Donor Information

For questions, contact your philanthropic advisor. Donor Services can also help. You can reach them at 808.566.5560 or donorservices@hcf-hawaii.org.

If you are a fund creator or advisor

If you are a fund creator or advisor, you always have access to fund information through your personalized portal My Giving Gateway where you can make grant recommendations, check your fund’s balances, review its grant history, or make contributions.

If you have questions about your fund, My Giving Gateway or you would like to open a fund, contact donorservices@hcf-hawaii.org or call 808.566.5560.

Stories of Giving

Meet some of the generous donors making a difference in Hawai‘i through charitable giving.