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Hawaii Community Foundation invests charitable funds in communities across the State primarily through nonprofit organizations. Our core programs are designed to support a stronger nonprofit sector as we believe that these organizations are one cornerstone of a vibrant civic society.

We administer a number of grantmaking programs with targeted purposes or an island-based focus. Hawaii Community Foundation also assists several private foundations in delivering their grantmaking programs according to their specific strategies.

Our Competitive Grants

Each competitive grant program has its own funding priorities and proposal requirements. To find the funding sources that are most appropriate for your work, choose from one of the options below to begin your search.

Currently Accepting Applications

Organizational Capacity Building - Executive Transition
These grants support nonprofit organizations during or soon after an executive transition process.

Private Foundations

Applications for these private foundations along with application processes and deadlines can be found on the individual private foundation's websites listed below.

Atherton Family Foundation
The Atherton Family Foundation supports a broad spectrum of programs and projects that benefit the people of Hawaii

Cooke Foundation, Limited
The Cooke Foundation supports endeavors in the community that the family believes will make a significant difference in the betterment and welfare of the people of Hawaii.

Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation
The Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation supports projects that benefit the people of Maui County.

Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation
Hawaii Community Foundation also administers several grantmaking programs for the Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation. The information regarding their application processes and deadlines can be found below:

Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation - Capacity Building
Supports projects to increase the capacity of organizations and programs to deliver and grow quality services to foster children and their families.

Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation - Enhancements
The purpose of the Foundation's Enhancements for Foster Children program is to enhance the lives of foster children by providing items and services that allow them to enjoy a quality of life similar to that of their peers.

Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation - Supporting Foster Children and their Caregivers
Supports foster children and their families.

Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation - Supporting Transitioning Foster Youth
The Foundation supports the Hawaii Youth Opportunities Initiative, a Co-Investment site with the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative.

For more information regarding private foundations and their available grantmaking please call (808) 566-5540 or email us at

Grant Applications Currently Closed

These grant applications are currently closed. Please check back periodically for updates on when they will be available.

Career Connected Learning
Grants to strengthen the alignment between the diverse and growing number of STEM learning programs and the specific needs of Hawaii’s STEM workforce in Hawaii County and Kauai County.

The Cecil “Guy” Marshall Fund
The Marshall Fund seeks to support schools that have established or are working to establish the International Baccalaureate World School program (IB). The Fund also seeks to support school administrators or board members who are interested in learning more about the IB program for their school.

The CHANGE Framework acknowledges the interconnected nature of community issues and focuses on six essential areas that constitute the overall well-being of these islands and people. Grants will be awarded to organizations who are working in alignment of one or more of the CHANGE Framework sectors in their programming.

Community Grants
The Community Grants program provides project or program-based funding to nonprofit organizations benefitting the communities and people of Hawai‘i. We believe that those working closest to the people they serve are best informed of the needs and opportunities that exist through the connections and relationships that they build every day.

Specific geographic funds established at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation support this program and are conducted in three different grant rounds throughout the year. Each grant round will have different fund priorities.

Community Restoration Partnership (CRP)
This multi-year grant program provides support for on-the-ground lower watershed and coastal restoration projects in Hawai'i that involve community stewardship activities and focus on sustainable impacts and nearshore marine areas.

ESD Youth Prevention Program
For community-based non-profit organizations to help prevent the initiation and use of Electronic Smoking Devices by Hawai'i youth under age 18.

Family Literacy & Hawaii Pizza Hut Literacy
To increase the access to and quality of literacy programs for Hawaii's residents. The focus of the Family Literacy Program is on families with young children (ages 0-8) to engage parents/caregivers as their child's first teacher to "equip caregivers with tools, resources, and strategies to guide children's learning activities and language experiences at home."

Fresh Water Initiative
As one of the largest users of fresh water, the agricultural sector has the potential to contribute a significant portion of water conservation gains through improved efficiency. The Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF) is looking to support projects to concretely improve agricultural water use efficiency and provide measurable benefits to the State. 

Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund: Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention
Seeks to support young parents and the healthy development of their children by providing multi-year program support to nonprofit organizations that focus on protecting children through a family-strengthening program.

Hawaiʻi Children’s Trust Fund - Round 1
The Hawaiʻi Children’s Trust Fund seeks to support community organizations providing direct outreach and services focused on child abuse and neglect (CAN) prevention. This one-year grant program will focus on primary prevention services that address the priority areas of mental health, substance abuse, and resources for parental resilience and family strengthening.

Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority’s Kūkulu Ola & Aloha ʻĀina Programs
The Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority has partnered with HCF to administer its Kūkulu Ola & Aloha ʻĀina programs to support community-based projects focused on reinvesting into Hawaiʻi’s unique people and place. The Kūkulu Ola program supports programs and projects rooted in honoring and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and community. The Aloha ʻĀina program supports programs and projects that respect, enhance, and perpetuate Hawaiʻi’s natural resources. After 15 years, these two programs represent HTA’s strategic focus on funding the community through tourism reinvestment from the Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) as well as incorporating new destination management plans.

These programs are operated annually to create a long-term impact on Hawaiʻi’s people, place and culture to ensure a positive experience in Hawaiʻi for all. Each program has a unique Request for Proposals (RFP) outlining the respective program specifications and requirements.

Kūpuna Aging in Place Program for Elderly Services
Formerly known as the Persons in Need (PIN) program, this multi-year grant program supports organizations that provide a range of supportive services including community-based support services, adult day care & adult day health, and caregiver support services for low-to moderate-income kūpuna (seniors) age 65 and older and their caregivers so that kūpuna in Hawaii are able to age in place

Leahi Fund for Pulmonary Research - Junior Investigator Clinical Research Career Development
The purpose of the Leahi Fund is to "support programs of research and education in, and the prevention of, pulmonary disease." This award is intended for junior faculty members of the University of Hawaii (and other Hawaii-based universities).

Leahi Fund for Pulmonary Research - Scientific Research
A new funding opportunity is available to support a planning grant for qualified and experienced Clinical Research Investigators who are interested in conducting research related to the prevention and treatment of pulmonary conditions that are relevant to Hawaii and its local communities.  The overarching goal of this research opportunity is to achieve health equity by improving the care of rural and/or underserved communities disproportionately impacted by respiratory conditions in their environment.

Marine 30x30 Initiative
The HCF Marine 30 x 30 Fund will provide up to three (3) grants for standardizing community-based monitoring frameworks in alignment with the State of Hawai‘i’s Division of Aquatic Resources Marine 30x30 Initiative statewide monitoring plan.

Medical Research
The Medical Research Program supports clinical and basic research in a variety of areas determined by the source of funding. For specific areas of research refer to the RFP.

Network Leadership and Social Change
Hawaii Community Foundation is pleased to announce a new RFP aimed at supporting networks that are working to create positive social change for our community. Grants will range from $10,000 - $25,000 a year for 2 years, and should be used to support the operations of the network.

Oscar and Rosetta Fish Fund
Provides assistance to families who have children needing speech therapy.

Puna Strong
Puna Strong has a community-based disaster management approach that values the knowledge and capacities of residents; builds on local resources, including social capital; and aims to increase community resilience. Community resilience is the ability for the community to efficiently use available resources to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations such as the Kīlauea eruption of 2018.

Program to Promote the Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline
The purpose of this RFP is to contract for the services of a vendor to design and implement a program to promote the use of the Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline.

Program for Public Education and Advocacy To Reduce Tobacco Use in Hawai‘i
The purpose of this RFP is to contract for the services of a vendor to design and implement a statewide tobacco control public education and advocacy program.

Promising Minds Initiative
HCF has identified the wellbeing and development of our children under age five as a critical community issue at the heart of strengthening Hawai‘i’s communities. Early childhood development is a smart investment.

Sanford Harmony
Building Peace and Compassion Through Social and Emotional Learning. Applications from Hawaii schools serving students from preschool through 6th grade are being considered for the Sanford Harmony Program under the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Pillars of Peace Hawaii initiative. Up to 15 schools will be considered for this first year.

Tobacco Cessation
4-year grant beginning July 1, 2019, to qualified non-profits on all islands to provide free smoking cessation services to Hawaii residents. Grant RFP emphasizes interventions and counseling for populations with the highest smoking prevalence rates, including Native Hawaiians, persons with mental health and/or substance abuse challenges, LGBT communities, and low socio-economic status populations. Grant decisions will be subject to availability of funds (see RFP for more details).

Tobacco Cessation Services 
The Hawai‘i Tobacco Prevention and Control Trust Fund requests proposals for a contractor to conduct statewide tobacco cessation services free of charge to residents of Hawai‘i who need help quitting their use of tobacco. Contracted services will include operating the Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline and providing related cessation services beginning January 1, 2020 (see RFP for more details). 

Young Children and Youth
Supported by the Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund, this grant program is focused on the healthy development of Hawaii’s young children and youth. Proposals are accepted in the following areas of focus:

  • Young Children (ages birth to 5 years old) to promote the healthy development of young children by supporting parents and other caregivers, including foster parents, grandparents, and other caregivers;
  • Young Children (ages birth to 5 years old) to strengthen the Early Care and Education Community Systems; or
  • Youth (ages 6-20 years old) to effectively address the needs of youth by developing the ability to think critically, understanding and appreciating one’s own culture and those of others, and/or developing the ability to settle differences peacefully.