Investing In Community Wellbeing

Hawaii Community Foundation

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The work of local nonprofit organizations impacts the quality of life for everyone in Hawaii. Recognizing the essential role they play in the economy and health of our community, HCF is committed to sharing knowledge about the nonprofit sector and strengthening nonprofit organizations through grants and training.

The Hawaii Community Foundation administers more than $44 million a year in community grants and contracts, primarily through nonprofit organizations. Our core programs and community impact initiatives are designed to strengthen nonprofits and solve community problems while delivering solid results and leveraging relationships.

How to Apply for a grant


Your organization must first register for an account by creating a profile. Profiles are manually reviewed internally before access is granted and this review process may take 2-3 business days to be completed before your organization is able to begin the application process. Please register your organization well before the application deadlines to allow our internal review process to be completed.


Resources for Nonprofits

 At HCF, we know that nonprofit organizations are absolutely critical and key to positive community change.  One way we support the nonprofit sector is by sharing the knowledge and resources we've gained over the past hundred years funding community programs and organizations in Hawaii. 


Resources for Hawai‘i Legacy Giving Campaign

Leading a nonprofit organization is never easy, especially these days. Leaders are faced with a world where doing more with less is an everyday occurrence. We hope the Toolkit and other resources posted here will help nonprofits leverage an overlooked opportunity: planned giving. Planned gifts are helpful in two ways: they can help sustain your organization with guaranteed revenue streams, and provide peace of mind for all concerned. Planned gifts are a win-win: donors create a lasting legacy and so do the organizations they support.