Strengthening Hawaii's Communities

Strengthening Hawaii's Communities
Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund

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Laila Twigg-SmithLaila Twigg-Smith (12-12-44 to 3-24-98) was a well-known art collector, patron of artists and museums, artist and visionary. Her lively spirit and incredible eye were apparent in everything she did--from the exhibitions she curated at The Contemporary Arts Center, to the development of her private art collection, and the founding and vitality of The Contemporary Museum. Laila was admired and esteemed as an ambassador for Hawaii and its art, and she touched many with her generosity. Her ambition was always to inspire creativity, to be a catalyst, to galvanize action, to effect change and make a difference. The Laila Art Fund continues this legacy in her name. It aims to nurture and promote Hawaii as a global center for the exchange of contemporary arts and artists.

The fund is intended to support projects and initiatives that afford artists opportunities to immerse themselves in new environments, to absorb different influences, and to realize fresh visions free of the issues of day-to-day survival. The LAF Artists in Residence grant program which occurs every other year seeks to fund innovative projects that bring recognized, outstanding artists, working in visual art forms, to Hawaii for long-term residencies that actively involve Hawaii-based artists and the community. Residencies provide opportunities for local artists to learn from the visiting artist(s) through dynamic, engaging, meaningful interactions, which have the potential for long-term impact in the community.

2017 Laila Twigg-Smith Art Scholarship Info Sheet