Strengthening Hawaii's Communities

Strengthening Hawaii's Communities
Advancing Nonprofit Excellence

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Supporting the efforts of other nonprofit groups.

The Hawaii Community Foundation believes in the power of cooperative efforts and leveraging combined strengths and resources. We take a strategic approach to identifying how our clients and partners can make the greatest impact for the people of Hawaii. We pay special attention to identifying the highest priorities for the community and charting a path for how activities will accomplish our collective goals.

HCF’s Nonprofit Excellence Initiative helps organizations perform at a high level to meet community needs.

HCF develops programs that strengthen nonprofits to increase their benefit to local communities. Between 2002 and 2012, HCF invested more than $14M in grants, technical assistance and leadership development programs to several hundred nonprofits. This experience provided us with more understanding about how to support nonprofits in strengthening their organizational performance and leadership.

Everything we learned has informed HCF’s Nonprofit Excellence Initiative, which benefits high performing organizations, as well as nonprofits that are striving to be high performing.


Interested in learning more about Nonprofit Excellence?

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Nonprofit Leadership Conference

Nonprofit Leadershi Conference

On May 7, 2015 HCF hosted over 300 nonprofit executive directors and board members for the Advancing Nonprofit Excellence - Board and Executive Leadership Conference. This conference was an opportunity to share resources and tools to help nonprofit executive directors and board members better understand how they can help their organizations become and remain high-performing. This 2015 conference brought the best ideas and national perspectives to improve the sector performance.

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Hookele Award

Hookele Awards

The Hookele Award pays tribute to leaders from the nonprofit sector – the guiding forces in our community who strive to make Hawaii a better place. Just as a steersman, hookele, is key to guiding a canoe successfully to its destination, this award recognizes the significant role that a nonprofit leader plays in improving the quality of life for Hawaii’s people. Since 2002, Hawaii Community Foundation in partnership with the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, has annually given four nonprofit leaders a $10,000 award for their personal development and renewal.

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