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Essential elements of our island home are not working well for everyone. We believe that change can happen when we understand the challenges in front of us and work together to find and implement equitable solutions to those challenges.


The CHANGE Framework identifies six essential sectors, or areas, that affect the overall well-being of these islands and people. Sustainable data points tell the story of what is happening within each area.

This curated data set helps us to understand the interconnected nature of the sectors and how they affect one another. Doing so allows us to examine the root causes and create effective solutions to solve Hawai‘i’s greatest challenges.


Community & Economy
Health & Wellness
Arts & Culture
Natural Environment
Government & Civics

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We know that a challenge as big and complex as this needs the help of people from across all sectors. That’s why we have committed to building partnerships, making grants, and engaging those on the front lines of this work through community convenings in the six interconnected areas.


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Community Convenings for CHANGE

Learn more about how HCF is working with community members in each sector of CHANGE here. If you are interested in participating in future conversations, please share your contact information here.