The CHANGE Framework

What is the CHANGE Framework?

CHANGE represents six communal sectors organized around a common set of data that help to identify complex issues and inspire collective action.

We have shared our vision for CHANGE in this year’s annual report. From the many donors and clients who have a passion for giving in Hawaii to the stories of collaboration and work with strategic partnership, the CHANGE Framework helps to shine a light on gaps and opportunities to address across the state.

The CHANGE Framework aims to create a movement towards building a Hawaii where every person has the opportunity to thrive.The Framework also strives to support, highlight, and come alongside existing initiatives and efforts to help create alignment and increase effectiveness for the benefit of Hawaii.

Why did HCF create the CHANGE Framework?

As wonderful as Hawaii is, essential elements of our island home are not working well for everyone. According to the 2017 Aloha United Way ALICE Report, 48% of our residents are struggling to make ends meet. A challenge as big and complex as this requires people from across all sectors who believe in the power of collective action to work together toward shared goals.

By expanding the data we have about key community issues and by understanding their interconnection, we can strategically leverage opportunities for meaningful social change in targeted areas. Through the CHANGE Framework, Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF) works to create partnerships to better align efforts for greater community impact.


CHANGE Framework Partners

HCF created the CHANGE Framework to engage all partners including business leaders, government, and community members who have the passion for wanting to make Hawaii a better place to live.

Hawaii Executive Conference

In 2018, HCF was privileged to partner with the Hawaii Executive Conference (HEC), where leaders adopted the CHANGE Framework by creating committees and initiatives within each sector to drive collaborative action. The HEC has sinced launched the Hawaii CHANGE Initiatives, which was formed by these business leaders who have utilized HCF’s CHANGE Framework to further action in our island communities. For more information please visit: HawaiiChange.org.

Teacher Housing Initiative

Recently HCF and HEC have partnered to bring Landed, a San Francisco based investmet firm, to Hawaii to assist teachers and other state Department of Education staffers assistance in affording down payments for housing.

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Hawaii Business Magazine

Hawaii Business is publishing 6 reports based on the CHANGE Framework that will focus on key elements and dive deep into specific subjects, with a focus on good ideas that might drive solutions. Read the latest reports below.

Hawaii Business Change Reports

Community & Economy
February issue
Hawaii Business Change Reports

March issue
Hawaii Business Change Reports

Arts & Culture
June issue

The Change Framework - By the Numbers

HCF has compiled a deep dive into each of the sectors in an effort to organize a common set of data to inspire collective action. Click on a sector to read the most current reports.

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