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Feeding Your Heart and Soul Through Giving

"Kahiau," to give generously without expectation of return, is the Hawaiian word that best describes Ho‘eā Wealth Advisor Eric Fujimoto. As a 2015 Professional Advisor in Philanthropy Award recipient, Eric excels at bringing people together to help make a difference in our community.

Philanthropy is an integral part of his personal and professional persona. His family foundation helps Hawai‘i youth succeed in sports, culture, financial education and other programs. In return, the foundation requires each grant recipient to volunteer their time at an organization of their choice. Professionally, Eric always starts his client conversations with open-ended, value-based questions such as: “Beyond family and business, what is most important to you? Have you considered what kind of personal legacy you want to leave?”

Eric focuses on turning the desire to give into action. He does this through fostering an abundance mindset with his clients. He gives an analogy: “Imagine you’re hosting a potluck and halfway through you realize there’s an abundance of food. You’re apt to be more generous with the next person who comes through the food line, and at the end of the night, you’re packing up boxes for families to take home.” In other words, when we think about how much we have rather than what we might lack, we’re more likely to want to share with others.

Says Eric, “Nothing feeds your heart and soul more than making a difference in the lives of others.”