Investing In Community Wellbeing

Hawaii Community Foundation
Charitable Funds

Hawaii Community Foundation offers a wide range of funds to provide maximum flexibility to meet the philanthropic goals of our donors and the needs of our community. Five types of funds are included in the list below:

  • Unrestricted Funds have the greatest potential to respond to new and emerging needs in our community. Donors of these funds give full discretion to Hawaii Community Foundation Board of Governors to authorize grants that provide the greatest impact.
  • Donor Advised Funds are charitable vehicles that allow donors maximum flexibility to recommend grants to benefit the community. Donors are free to focus on the rewards of giving while the Hawaii Community Foundation manages the administrative details.
  • Designated Funds are endowed by individuals and organizations to ensure that their charities of choice continue. In each case contributors selected one or more nonprofit organizations to benefit from the grants for as long as the charities exist.
  • Field of Interest Funds are created by contributors who stipulate that grants be made in a particular field or to benefit a certain group of people. This type of fund assures the flexibility to adjust to future changes. The organizations or charities serving that field may change, merge, or cease to exist, but the need will continue.
  • Scholarship Funds are created by private foundations, individuals, businesses, and organizations to assist Hawaii residents in achieving their educational goals.

Hawaii Community Foundation is honored to be entrusted with these funds and deeply appreciates the donors whose generosity created them. View recent Catalyst Donors

Updated 12/31/19
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100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund
100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Stanley Izumigawa Scholarship Fund
2200 Educational Scholarship Fund
4Charity Fund
A&B Ohana Scholarship Fund
Richard Aadland Designated Fund
Richard Aadland Fund
AAUW Honolulu Branch Education Fund
ABC Stores Jumpstart Scholarship Fund
ABC Stores Kauai Charitable Fund
Grace K.J. Abernethy Fund
John Melvin (Jack) Abramson Fund
Simeon and Carolyn Acoba Fund
Agne Family Fund
Ahearn Kokua Makana Fund
Joan Aidem Scholarship Fund
Aiea General Hospital Association Scholarship Fund
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Honolulu Chapter Scholarship Fund in Memory of Jane Suganuma
Aina-Nalu Charitable Fund
Daniel K. and Millie Akaka Ohana Scholarship Fund
Brilly & Richard Akeroyd Fund
Dr. Charman J. Akina Memorial Scholarship Fund
Alice and Joseph J. Akita Fund
Elena Albano Makaalohilohi Scholarship Fund
Anthony Alexander, Andrew Delos Reyes & Jeremy Tolentino Memorial Fund
Gwenfread Elaine Allen Fund
Aloha Pride Center Endowment Fund
Aloha Prince Hall Hawaii Foundation Fund
Aloha Temple Patient Transportation Fund
Aloha United Way Endowment Trust Fund
Aloha Angels Endowment Fund
Aloha Angels Fund
Tanya & Paul Alston Family Fund
American Red Cross Endowment Fund
Ananda Fund Hawaii
Anderson-Beck Fund
Aranoff Keiki Fund
Arashiro-Garcia Family Foundation Fund
Jeff & Loan Arce Family Foundation
Laura Jean Armstrong Fund
Oscar L. & Ernestine H. Armstrong Advised Fund
Artists in the School
Arts & Culture Community Fund
American Savings Bank Scholarship Fund
Ellen Ashton Fund
Louis Asing Fund
Aspect Technology Fund
Atherton Fund
A.S. Atherton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Geoffrey Michael Chan Wing Au Scholarship Fund
Edmond & Mildred Ayling Fund
Baciu Cultural Fund
John & Dorothy Baird Fund
Steven K. Baker & Nan S. Hwang Fund
Troy Barboza Education Fund
George Bartlett Fund
Jacqueline J. H. Bean Memorial Fund
Robert R. & Jacqueline J.H. Bean Fund No. 2
Frances Katsuda Bean Waianae High School Scholarship Fund
Bean Salaveria Family Fund
Elizabeth K. Bell Molokai Mission Fund
Jean Ileialoha Beniamina Scholarship for Niihau Students Fund
Bobby Benson Center Endowment Fund
Freeman Bernstein Family Fund
Kenneth C. Bibee Fund
Bick Bickson Scholarship Fund
Jerry James Bigansky Fund
Charles & Helen P. Bishop Fund
Robert Emens Black Fund
E. E. Black Scholarship Fund
Mary Bloder Scholarship Fund
Mannette Bock Fund
Bank of Hawaii Foundation Scholarship Fund
Booz Allen Hawaii Scholarship Fund
Garrett D. Bordenave Memorial Fund
William M. & Violet M. Borges Designated Fund
William M. & Violet M. Borges Fund
Christian Bosse Fund
Andrew and Ellen Bradley Fund
Ron Bright Scholarship Fund
Brodhead Family Scholarship Fund
Herbert and Ollie Brook Fund
Herbert and Ollie Brook Scholarship Fund
Robert E.L. Brooks Fund
Padmani Brown and David Luedtke Charitable Fund
Alberta E. Brown Fund
Brownee Brown Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
Daniel M. Browne-Sanchez Fund
Margaret Zane Bruhn Designated Fund
Margaret Zane Bruhn Fund
Brendan Buchwach Fund
Laura Rowe Burdick Scholarship Fund
Burkland Family Fund
Burns-Tomimbang Charitable Fund
Busjaeger Fund
Doc Buyers Fund
Castle & Cooke Mililani Technology Park Scholarship Fund
Raymond F. Cain Scholarship Fund
Candon, Todd & Seabolt Scholarship Fund
Wilson P. Cannon Fund
Career Connected Learning Fund
Carranza Ohana Fund
George Reynold Carter Fund
Hartwell & Rebecca Carter Fund
Rebecca Carter Fund
Case Foundation Fund
Mervin K. Cash Memorial Fund
George P. & Ida Tenney Castle Trust
Catalyst Fund
Catalyst Endowment Fund
Catrala - Hawaii Scholarship Fund
Ben and Vicky Cayetano Scholarship Fund
Census 2020 Fund
Children's Behavioral Health
Robert Chalmers Memorial Fund
Chan Zuckerberg Kauai Community Fund
Karen Chandler & Chris Grootaert Fund
Chia-Ling Chang Endowment in Memory of Dr. Fred I. Gilbert, Jr.
Leonilda Kekuewa Chang Fund
Margaret Chang Fund
C.H.A.N.G.E. Fund
Peter C.P. Char Memorial Fund
Designated Charities Fund
Chevron Education Fund
Camille C. Chidiac Fund
Philip & Gerry Wong Ching Family Fund
Dolly Ching Scholarship Fund
Donald W.F. Ching Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mel and Cynthia Chow Life Fund
Doo Wook Choy & Helen Nahm Choy Fund
Timothy Y.C. Choy Fund
Timothy Y.C. Choy Scholarship Fund in Honor of Pearl Jackson
E.Y. Chu Vision Foundation Fund
Turbin Chu Family Fund
Eunice Chun Chinese Language Fund
Herb and Leona Chock Fund
Dr. Albert C. K. Chun-Hoon Fund
Clark Realty Corporation Community Fund
Henry B. and Geraldine P. Clark Fund
Clark: Aloha United Way Fund
Clark: Contemporary Arts Center Fund
Clark: Goodwill Fund
Clark: Hanahauoli School Fund
Clark: Mental Health Association in Hawaii
Clark: Mid-Pacific Institute Fund
Clark: The Hawaii Nature Center Fund
Clark: YMCA of Honolulu Fund
John and Anne Clifton Scholarship Fund
Johanna Drew Cluney Scholarship Fund
County of Kauai Fund
Hannah Cochrane Fund
Community & Economy Fund
Community Housing Fund
Community Scholarship Fund
William R. & Carol J. Coops Charitable Fund
Barbara Cox Anthony Memorial Fund
Central Pacific Bank Community Endowment Fund
CPB Works For You Scholarship Fund
Mary Wilson Crawford Fund
Community Restoration Partnership Fund
Myrna Lian & Richard Lee Cundy Fund
George and Lucille Cushnie Scholarship Fund
Minnie P. Cuthbertson Fund
Stan Czerwinski Education Fund
Nikhil Dadlani Keiki Fund
Francis Y.C. & Julia W. Dang Endowment Fund
Bal Dasa Scholarship Fund
John Dawe Fund
Elizabeth Flora Deinert Fund
Deja Vu Surf Hawaii Scholarship Fund
Gwendolen B. Dekum Fund
Sophie DeLoria Foundation Fund
Deviants from the Norm Fund
Diamond Head Theatre Fund
Diamond Resort Scholarship Fund
Lowell Dillingham Fund
Jay Lee Divine Mercy Fund
Andrew & Edith Don Fund
Doty Family Charitable Fund
Doty Family Scholarship Fund
Laura N. Dowsett Fund
Dr. Ric Fund for Education, Arts, and Culture
John Huey Drouilhet and Sada Okumura Fund
Joseph & Alice Duarte Memorial Scholarship Fund
Walt Dulaney & George Kon Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Duniway Fund
J.C. Earle Family Fund
East Hawaii Fund
Rosemary & Nellie Ebrie Fund
Education Fund
Education International Fund
Kay A. Edwards Memorial Library Charitable Trust Fund
Edward M. Ehrhorn Entomological Scholarship Fund
El Arco Iris Fund
Emergency Group Fund
Empowerment Scholarship Fund
End of Life Care Fund
Weylin and Roselyn Eng Hawaii Fund
Environment Fund (Impact)
Eo Na Punawai Scholarship Fund
Dave and Tamae Erdman Family Charity Fund
Jean Erdman Scholarship Fund
Blossom Kalama Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ewa Beach Community Fund
Ewa Plains Battlefield and Ewa Communities Preservation Fund
Ambassador Minerva Jean Falcon HI Scholarship Fund
George Howe Farnsworth Fund
Wallace Rider Farrington Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jean I. Fennimore Fund
Ceferino C. & Mitsuko O. Fernandez Memorial Fund #1
Ceferino C. & Mitsuko O. Fernandez Memorial Fund #2
Filipino Nurses' Organization of Hawai'i Scholarship Fund
Financial Women International Scholarship Fund
Benjamin Parker Fischlowitz Fund
Oscar & Rosetta Fish Speech Therapy & Forensics Fund
Oscar & Rosetta Fish Scholarship Fund
Chas Fisher Memorial Endowment Fund
Jean Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund
Muriel Macfarlane Flanders Fund
Dorothea Helene Flint Fund
Charlotte M. Florine Fund
Thz Fo Farm Fund
Thz Fo Farm Scholarship Fund
Foodland Community Fund
Foodland Scholarship Fund
Foodland Give Aloha Program Fund
Fund For Victims Of Violent Crimes In Hawaii
Ann B. Frank Fund
Frances N. Frazier Fund
Freeman Foundation Fund
Freeman Foundation Agricultural Development Fund
Friends of Diamond Head Fund
Friends of Youth Outreach Fund
Frost Family Foundation
Fujieki Family Foundation Fund
Fujieki Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
Logan Nainoa Fujimoto Memorial Scholarship Fund
Patsy K. Fujimoto Life Insurance Policy Fund
G & J Furuta Scholarship Fund
Steve and Gloria Gainsley Fund
John & Roberta Garcia Fund
James & Helen Gary Charitable Fund
Amelia Gaston Fund
Gear Up Hawaii Scholarship Fund
Darrin & Darien Gee Family Fund
Allan Eldin & Agnes Sutorik Geiger Fund
Allan Eldin & Agnes Sutorik Geiger Scholarship Fund
Geist Foundation Environmental Scan
Victoria S. Geist Fund
The William Gemmer Foundation Fund
Gerbode/HCF Fellows Program
German Benevolent Society of Honolulu Charitable Fund
German Benevolent Society of the Honolulu Scholarship Fund
Henry Kuualoha & Muriel Roselani Giugni Fund
Give Aloha! Hata Foundation
The Gladys Fund
Eric Gleason & Pippa Robinson Ohana Fund
Doris & Clarence Glick Classical Music Scholarship Fund
Good Eats Scholarship Fund
Goodale Family Fund
Nancy Sloggett Goodale Fund
The Steve and Tamar Goodfellow Fund
Goodfellow Bros., Inc. Educational Scholarship Fund
Goodfellow Bros., Inc. High School Scholarship Fund
George and Carolyn Goto Memorial Fund
Government & Civics Fund
Anna K. Gower and Annabelle K. Gower Scholarship Fund
Anna Kalei Gower Fund
Grace Pacific Outstanding Scholars Fund
Leslie Kiaremohalamoe Granat and Kalehuapuakeakapililihau Fund
Grandma's Christian Elementary Tuition Assistance Fund
Ritchie M. Gregory Fund
G70 Foundation Fund
Growney Family Fund
Hakalau Forest Refuge Management Endowment
Hale Uluwehi Kauai Fund
Hale Kauai Scholarship Fund in Memory of Samuel W. Wilcox II
Hale Kauai Scholarship in Memory of Wayne Ellis
Hale Kauai Scholarship in Memory of William Moragne
Ellen Hamada Scholarship Fund for Fashion Design and Sewing
Hana Community Endowment Fund
Aage Krogh Hansen Scholarship Fund
Thelma Grace Hansen Fund
Hapa Fund
Hapai Pohaku Scholarship Fund
Takehiko Hasegawa Scholarship Fund
Haseko Scholarship Fund
Haseko Training Fund
Margaret Follett Haskins (Hawaii) Scholarship Fund
Margaret Follett Haskins (Kansas) Scholarship Fund
Margaret Follett Haskins (Maui) Scholarship Fund
K. M. Hatano Scholarship Fund
Hawaii 4-H Paper Clover Fund
Hawaii Affiliates of Sotheby's International Realty Charitable Fund
Hawaii Chapter No.1 Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship Fund
Hawaii Children's Trust Fund
Hawaii Children's Trust Fund - Wodehouse
Hawaii Civic Engagement Fund
Hawaii Craftsmen Endowment Fund
Hawaii Dental Service Community Scholarship Fund
Hawaii Disaster Recovery Fund
Hawaii Environmental Funders Group Fund
Hawaii Forest & Trail Iiwi Fund
Hawaii Fresh Water Fund
Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center at Legal Aid Society of Hawaii Endowment Fund
Hawaii Island Access to Medical Care Fund
Hawaii Island Access to Medical Care Fund
Hawaii Island Fund
Hawaii Island Strong Fund
Hawaii Island Strong-County Fund
Hawaii Island Volcano Recovery Fund
Hawaii Learning Resource Fund
Hawaii Life Charitable Fund
Hawaii Meals on Wheels Endowment Fund
Hawaii Meals on Wheels Fund
Hawaii Nature Center Fund
Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society Scholarship Fund
Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii Loa College Fund
Hawaii Permanente Medical Group Foundation Fund
Hawaii Pizza Hut Literacy Fund
Hawaii Pizza Hut Scholarship Fund
Hawaii Public Television Endowment Fund
Hawaii Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship Fund
Hawaii STEM Learning Partnership
Hawaii Tourism Authority Fund
Hawaii Veterans Memorial Fund
Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus Fund
Hawaiian Ladies' Riding Society Fund
Hawktree International/Donald M. Takaki Fund
Hawktree International/Takaki Family Fund
Takuji Hayashi, M.D. Memorial Research Fund
The Haynes Family Fund
Celeste Hayo Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hon Chew Hee Art Fund
Hon Chew Hee Scholarship Fund
HEI Scholarship Program Fund
Help and a Hug Fund
Will J. Henderson Scholarship Fund
George J. Henritzy Memorial Fund
Otto & Aegun Hensens Educational Fund
Jeanne Herbert Fund
Hew/Shinn Scholarship Fund
Harry Hewitt Fund for Advancement & Improvement of Justice
HFM Foodservice Scholarship Fund
HI CDFI Capacity Building Fund
Hiki No Fund
Ouida Mundy Hill Memorial Fund
Ouida Mundy Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hilo Chinese School Scholarship Fund
Hilo Higashi Hongwanji Mission Endowment Fund
Hilton Grand Vacations Scholarship for the Asia Pacific Junior Cup Fund
Scott & Marla Himeda Fund
Warren and Frances Hinton Fund 1
Warren and Frances Hinton Fund II
Ichiro and Masako Hirata Scholarship
Hawaii's Future Fund
Kazuma & Ichiko Hisanaga Scholarship Fund
Historic Preserves of Hawaii Fund
HJCC Charitable Corporation Scholarship Fund
Health & Sciences Community Fund
Honolulu Symphony Society Fund
Peter and Michelle Ho Family Foundation Fund
Chinn Ho Scholarship Fund
Hooulu Scholarship Fund
Hooulu Hawaiian Language Scholarship Fund
Fletcher & Fritzi Hoffmann Education Fund
Hoku Corporation Fund
Hokulani Hawaii Fund
Hokulia Community Fund
Hokulia Foundation Scholarship Fund
Hokulia Scholarship Fund
John Holliday, Jr. Fund
Irene Ii Holloway Fund
Holly's Fountain of Hope Fund
Tommy Holmes Foundation Fund
Holy Innocents Episcopal Church Endowment Fund
Honouliuli Preserve Management Fund
Honpa Hongwanji Hawai'i Betsuin Fund
Hoomaka Hou / A New Beginning Fund
May Templeton Hopper Fund
Stefanie C. & Keith K. Horita Foundation Fund
Horne Family Fund
Elsie S. Yoshizawa Hotta Scholarship Fund
Kihachiro J. Hotta
The HouseMart Family Fund
William B. & Edna A. Howe Fund
Huddy Family Fund
Hunger Fund
Bill and Laurie Hunt Family fund
Shigeru & Toyoko Ichiki Fund
Geoffrey Michaelson and Lehua Ii-Michaelson Fund
Yukio and Marian Iizuka Scholarship Fund
Iliili Fund
Imi Hoola Leadership Scholarship Fund
Imi Naauao Scholarship
Sheridan C. F. Ing Fund
KI Consulting Charitable Fund
Kathryn Inkinen Charitable Fund
Innovation Fund
Myles & Kathy Inouye Family Foundation Fund
Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Fellowship Fund
Daniel K. Inouye Institute Fund
Daniel K. Inouye Memorial Fund
Elsie Mitsue Inouye Fund
Wilfred Shigeru "Byrd" Inouye Designated Fund
Wilfred Shigeru "Byrd" Inouye Field of Interest Fund
Inspired to Serve Scholarship Fund in Memory of Seigo and Hisaye Kagawa
David L. Irons Memorial Scholarship Fund
Isemoto Contracting Co., Ltd. Scholarship Fund
Dora R. Isenberg Molokoa Fund
George S. Ishiyama Unicold Scholarship Fund
Island Holdings Scholarship Fund
Florence Iwamoto Kauai Fund
Robert Iwamoto Family Scholarship Fund
Robert Iwamoto Family Vocational Scholarship Fund
Robert & Arlene Iwamoto Fund
J Charitable Foundation Fund
JABSOM (John A. Burns School of Medicine) Alumni Association Fund
Arthur Jackman Scholarship Fund
Jack's Fund
J Charitable Scholarship Fund
Jhung Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
Jacquelyn & Alcy Johnson Memorial Fund
Spencer Johnson Fund
Margaret Jones Memorial Nursing Fund
JWH Family Fund
Kaehu Scholarship Fund
Kaaawa Community Fund
Kagimoto Family Fund
Kahala Nui Residents Scholarship Fund
Kahiau Foundation Fund
Kahiau Scholarship Fund
Kahuku Community Fund
Kahuku Wind Community Fund
Friends of Princess Victoria Kaiulani School Fund
Kaiulani Home for Girls Trust
Lowell Kalapa Scholarship Program (HSFCU)
Kalihi Education Coalition Scholarship Fund
Edwin T. & Leilani Kam Scholarship Fund
Kamp Fund
Kamp Scholarship Fund
Esther Kanagawa Memorial Art Scholarship Fund
The Kane Fund
Kaneta Foundation
Kangi Fund
Dr. George and Carol Kanna Scholarship Fund
Kapalua Maui Charities Endowed Scholarship for Lahainaluna High School Fund
Ka Papa O Kakuhihewa Fund
Kapoho Alternative Energy Charitable Fund
Kapolei Business & Community Scholarship Fund
Karst-Merdes Scholarship Fund
Kauai Aloha Endowment Fund
Kauai Island Fund
Kauai Relief and Recovery Fund
Kauai Strong Fund
Kauai Strong-County Fund
Kauai's Hindu Monastery
Kawailoa Wind Scholarship Fund
Kawailoa Wind Community Fund
Kawailoa Wind Fund
Kawakami Family Fund
Hisa and Fukutaro Kawakami Fund
Kawakami Family of Captain Cook Fund
N.F. Kawakami, H.S. Kawakami, and M. Furugen Fund
Donald & Joann Kawane Family Charitable Fund
Kawasaki-McGaha Scholarship Fund
Jessie D. Kay Memorial Fund
Ke Au Hou Fund, Hawaii's Youth Millenium Fund
Elmer K. Keao Fund
Gerry and Karen Keir Fund
Kekumuola Fund
Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund
The Kelvin Taketa Hookele Award Fund
John F. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship in History Fund
Ron and Myra Kent Fund
Kim Coco League of Extraordinary Scholars
Nancy S. and Peter Y.B. Kim Elder Care Fund
Clifford Kimball Memorial Fund
King Kekaulike High School Scholarship Fund
Leslie S. King Fund
June Ann Kirkpatrick Fund
Annie Sinclair Knudsen Memorial Fund
Koolau Aina Aloha Fund
Koa Fund
Koaniani Fund
Megan Kobayashi: A Sign of Hope Robotic's Fund
F. Koehnen Ltd. Scholarship Fund
Albert T. Koenen Fund
Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund
Malcolm & Carol Koga Foundation Fund
The Kohanaiki Fund
Kohala Ditch Educational Fund
Marie Kohli Fund
Koloa Scholarship Fund
Kolohe David Scholarship Fund
John and Kalowena Komeiji Family Fund
Korean University Club Scholarship Fund
Korean War Veterans Children's Scholarship Fund
Kosasa Family Fund
Kosasa Kitty Scholarship Fund
Minnie K. Fund
Susan M. Kosasa Fund
Thomas & Mi Kosasa Fund
Gloria Kosasa Gainsley Fund
Alan M. Krassner Fund
Krucky Ohana Fund
Kubota Foundation
Kubota Foundation Scholarship
Kukio Community Fund
Kukio Employee Scholarship
Kulamanu Charitable Fund
Kunimoto Family Fund
Walter H. Kupau Memorial Fund
Elli Kupke Fund
Milton & Henrietta Kushkin Fund
Gerald W.G. Kwock Charitable Foundation Scholarship Fund
The John and Elizabeth Lacy Family Fund
The John and Elizabeth Lacy Scholarship Fund
Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Fund
Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Scholarship Fund
Lahainaluna High School Foundation Endowment Friends of the Lahainaluna Library Fund
Jim & Lynn Lally Family Fund
Timothy Takaezu and Jodi Lam Fund
Lanai Community Benefit Fund
Langan Family Nursing Scholarship Fund
Lani Moo Fund
William James & Dorothy B. Lanquist Fund
Chonita & Jack Larsen Fund
Chonita and Jack Larsen Fund II
Abraham & Annie Lau Children's Fund
D. Lau Family Fund
W. Travis Lau Fund
Leadership Kauai Endowment Fund
Jeanette A. Le Vine Fund - Temple Emanu-El
Jeanette A. Le Vine Fund
Leahi Endowed Pulmonary Chair Fund
Leahi Fund to Treat & Prevent Pulmonary Diseases
Lee Bentley Shinn Family Fund
Worldster & Patricia Y. Lee Family Foundation Fund
Tommy Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund
John Wythe White & Victoria Gail-White's Left Wing Right Brain Fund
Elizabeth Leithead Fund
Virginia & Colin Lennox Botanical Research Trust Fund
Sam and Pauline Suemi Leong Scholarship Fund
Barbara Leppe Hawaii Scholarship Fund
William Lew Scholarship Fund
Lima Kokua Fund
Anna B. Lindemann Fund
John & Sandy Linville Fund
Thomas & Mary Litaker Memorial Fund
Public-Private Partners for Literacy Trust Fund
F. William Littlejohn and Amy E. Littlejohn Fund
Dr. Philip Liu Fund For Medical Education
Livable Communities Fund
Live Aloha Fund
Katherine Hopper Livingston Fund
Lisa Livingston Fund
Loaa Mai Ka Ike Fund
Paul C. T. & Violet Shaw Loo Fund
John E. Loomis - YMCA Fund
Jack & Marie Lord Fund
Jack & Marie Lord LP Fund
Jack & Marie Lord Fund #2
Gerrit R. Ludwig Scholarship Fund
Tim Lui-Kwan Memorial Fund
Luke Family Fund
Lutkenhouse & HI Tropical Botanical Garden Scholarship & Ed. Fund
John and Allison Lyles Fund
Roger and Helen MacArthur Foundation Fund
Roger and Helen MacArthur Scholarship Fund
George and Jean Madden Family Fund
Susan Mahn Fund
maiLady Fund
Makaio Fund
Makalapua Fund
Giza Makana Fund
Kenneth Makinney & David Pietsch Families Scholarship Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick K. Makino Memorial Fund
Michael & Tomoko Malaghan Fund
Malama Kipahulu Fund
Makia & Ann Malo Scholarship Fund
Richard T. Mamiya Charitable Foundation Fund
Cora Aguda Manayan Fund
Zachary Fujisaki Mar Foundation Fund
Marisla Fund
Marjorie Oda-Burns Scholarship
Linda & Steven Marquis Fund
Cecil G. Marshall Fund
Guy Marshall Scholarship Fund
George Mason Business Scholarship Fund
George Mason Fund
Masaru and Shirley Fund
Joe & Florence Matsukawa Charitable Fund
Matsukawa Family Scholarship Fund
Senator Richard M. & Dr. Ruth H. Matsuura Scholarship Fund
Hideko & Zenzo Matsuyama Scholarship Fund
Economy Plumbing & Sheet Metal, Inc & Thomas and Clara Matsuzaki Fund
Maui Academy of Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
Maui County Strong Fund
Maui County Strong-County Fund
Maui Housing Affordability Fund
Maui Nui Community Fund
Maui Quarantine Fund
Maunakea Fund
David McEwan, M.D. Charitable Fund
The McFarlane Family Foundation Fund
Dave and Mary McGregor Ballard Fund
Ingeborg v.F. McKee Fund
Shirley McKown Scholarship Fund
Wade and Harue McVay Family Foundation Fund
Meadow Gold Dairies - Hawaii Scholarship Fund
Rich Meiers Health Administration Scholarship Fund
Mental Health Association in Hawaii Endowment Fund
Stephen and Susan Metter Family Fund
Robert R. Midkiff Fund
Linda and Douglas Miller Charitable Fund
Mimi Fund for Hawaii
Frank H. Minato Scholarship Fund
Carl K. Mirikitani Memorial Fund
Yasuko Mitsuyasu New Year's Day Meal Fund
Tad & Margaret Miura Fund
Richard and Evelyn Miyashiro Fund
Dr. Edison & Sallie Miyawaki Scholarship Fund
Moanalua High School Math Scholarship Fund
Molokai Land Trust Endowment Fund
Donald & Astrid Monson Community Action Fund
Aunt Maggie Monteiro Orphan Fund
Moonbow Fund
Moonglow Fund
Carol and Raymond Mori Charitable Fund
Morimoto & Nishioka Family Fund
Moss Foundation Fund
MPH Fund
MSY Fund
Muffles Fund
Arthur Lawrence Mullaly Fund
Muramoto Family Fund
Murphy's Fund
Eleanor & T. Dudley Musson Fund
North Kohala Community Resource Center Fund
Na Hoaloha Ekolu Community Fund
Na Kumu Na'auao Fund
Na Oiwi Kane Fund
Clara T. Nakahara Fund
Nakamura/Matsui Family Fund
Ralph K. Nakamura Kupuna Support Fund
Domelynne K.Y. Nash Charitable Fund
Natural Environment Fund
Natural Resources Conservation Endowment Fund
Vincent & Katherine Neal Memorial Fund
Craig D. Newnan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert C. & Helen F. Nichols Fund
Gary T. & Hilde M. Nii Designated Fund
Gary T. & Hilde M. Nii Fund
Naomi June Nishida Scholarship Fund
General Disbursement-NOAA Partnership Fund
NOAA Partnership Fund-HTA
Nohara-Abaya Family Fund
Sophie Y. Nonomura Fund
Annette Tyler North Fund
North Kauai Fund
Oahu Filipino Community Council Golf Scholarship Fund
Oahu Strong Fund
Oahu Strong-County Fund
Oak Foundation Fund
Lenore & Chester O'Brien Fund
Dr. Margaret Y. Oda Scholarship Fund
Teruo & Adeline K. Ogawa Molokai Education Fund
Teruo & Adeline K. Ogawa Scholarship Fund
Office of Hawaiian Affairs Scholarship Fund
Oio Fund
Howard S. Okada Family Scholarship Fund
Richard "Longy" and Eleanor "Sluggo" Okamoto Kamalii Manaloa Volleyball Scholarship Fund
Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund
June Olson Fund
Omidyar Charitable Fund
Omidyar Global Fund
Omidyar Ohana Fund
Ellison Onizuka Memorial Scholarship Fund
Harry S. Onohara and Dorothy Y. Onohara Fund
Muriel Osborne Hawaii Tennis Fund
Charles & Mitch Ota Foundation Fund
D. Otani Produce Charitable Fund
Josie & Don Over Comedy Fund
Josie & Don Over Dance Fund
Josie & Don Over Memorial Fund
Pacific Century Fellows Endowment Fund
Pacific Medical Administrative Group (PMAG) Endowment Fund
Pahiki Nui Fund
Peter R. Papworth Scholarship Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Moon Park Scholarship Fund
Parker & Bernieri Fund for Leahi Hospital
Parks Family Foundation Fund
Parks Family Fund
Luther & Anne Park Scholarship Fund
Sau Ung Loo Chan and Janice C. Parrott Charitable Fund
Pathways for Resilient Communities Fund
Kevin Kaiea Pavel Memorial Fund
Pearl Harbor Historical Sites Fund
David & Kathleen Pellegrin Fund
Eugenia Jacqueline Perry Fund
Gail A. Perry Fund
Robert C. Perry Fund
Philippine Cultural Foundation of Hawaii Scholarship Fund
Philippine Nurses Association Hawaii Foundation Scholarship Fund
Phillips Family Kaiao Scholarship Fund
Pikake Fund
Pillars of Peace Fund
Pono Market, Inc. in Memory of Minoru and Kiyoko Kubota
Prisanlee Fund
Prisby Geist Charitable Fund
PRSA-Hawai'i/Roy Leffingwell Public Relations Scholarship Fund
Tony Quagliano International Poetry Fund
Quality of Life Fund
Alejandra Tangcay Ramos Fund
Virginia Pearson Ransburg Fund
George & Augusta Rapozo Kamaaina Scholarship Fund
Rapozo Kamaaina Fund
Rapozo Scholarship for Maui Sugar Industry Workers
Rapozo Parallel Friends Fund
REALTOR Housing and Community Fund
REC Fund - MCC
REC Fund - RCL
Lilian B. Reynolds Fund
Leon J. Rhodes Fund
William S. Richardson Fund
Rise Up Scholarship Fund
Robanna Fund
James & Winifred Robertson Memorial Fund
Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund
Julia Waterhouse Rodenhurst Fund
Michael Roeder Fund
William L. Rolph and Dorothea P. Rolph Fund
Jose L. Romero Memorial Fund
Doris Hardinger Roome Scholarship Fund
Sarah Rosenberg Scholarship Fund
John Ross Foundation
Madelyn Ross Fund
Maybell F. Roth Research Prize in Conservation Biology Fund
Maybelle Roth Fund
Royal Hawaiian Band Sick Benefit Fund
James Ward Russell, Jr. Fund
Gordon Russell Fund
Robert Ryder Charitable Fund
S&G Labs Hawaii Scholarship Fund
James and Anne Nishida Sadayasu/Jeanne Nishida Yagi Family Fund
Safeway Foundation Hawaii Scholarship Fund
Colleen T. Saiki Fund
St. Anthony School Foundation Tuition Assistance Fund
Saint Francis School Endowment Fund
D & J Sakaguchi Scholarship Fund
Eileen A. Sakai Fund
Liane Blythe Sakai Donor Advised Fund
Roy Hideyuki Sako Memorial Fund
Edward Y. Sakuma & K. Kazumi K. Sakuma Early Childhood Education Scholarship
Edward Y. Sakuma & K. Kazumi K. Sakuma Education Honors Scholarship
Edward Y. Sakuma & K.Kazumi K. Sakuma Student Teaching Merit Scholarship
Edward Y. Sakuma & K. Kazumi K. Sakuma Scholarship for University of Missouri - Columbia
Edward Y. Sakuma & K. Kazumi K. Sakuma Scholarship for Teachers College, Columbia University
Salvation Army-Hawaii Fund
Sananikone-Le Khac Fund
Sanford Harmony Fund
Mary Sanford - Hawaiian Mission Children's Society Fund
Janet Y. Sato Na Lima Paheona Scholarship Fund
Kathryn LaRue Saunders HUGS Endowment Fund
Nancy Saunders Medical Education Fund
Daniel R. Sayre Memorial Fund
Kurt W. Schneider Memorial Scholarship Fund
Schulenburg Passon Community Fund
Andrew & Estelle Schustek Fund
Marina Malia Schwartz Scholarship Fund
Suzie Hayes-Schwartz & Andy Schwartz Family Fund
Marina Malia Schwartz Designated Fund
Marina Malia Schwartz Field of Interest Fund
Roxanne Scott and Randall Omel Scholarship Fund
Walter & Cathy Scott Memorial Fund
Sea Salts of Hawaii Fund
Rainbow Pineapple Foundation Fund
Wesley R. & Phyllis E. Segawa Family Fund
Sekiya of Fukuoka / Hawaii Endowment Fund
Serendipity II Fund
A.P. Sereno Memorial Scholarship Fund
Sheridan Fund
Carole Sheridan Memorial Fund
Laura D. Sherman Fund
Edith Wilhelmina Sherock Fund
The Sherwin-Williams Company Aloha Scholarship Fund
Myles and Wanda Shibata Family Fund
Joanne Holmes Shigekane Fund
Dr. William Masaru Shigekawa Scholarship Fund
Albert & Dorothy Shigekuni Scholarship Fund
Shimizu-Wong Canine Fund
Pat Shinobu Scholarship Fund
H.C. Shipman Scholarship Fund
Mitsuo Shito Public Housing Scholarship Fund
Irving L. Singer Fund
Single Fin Fund
George C. & Nancy Wright Slain Fund
Phil Slott Charitable Fund
Richard Smart Fund
Richard Smart Scholarship Fund
Kent & Polli Smith Family Fund
Laura & Dallas Smith Family Fund
Ian Doane Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cyril O. Smith Fund
Don Smith Fund
Snipes-Meyer-Vorhies Nursing Scholarship Fund
Social Impact Investment Fund
Alice M.G.Soper Fund
Perry & Sally Sorenson Scholarship Fund
Paulina L. Sorg Scholarship Fund
Dr. Julius Bajet Soria Memorial Scholarship Fund
Spoehr Family Fund
Jack L. Stahley Fund
Starlit Walk Future Fund
Peter C. Statler Fund
Dwayne & Marti Steele Fund
Nakila & Marti Steele Family Fund
Stein Family Fund
Stein Family Scholarship Fund
Andy & Jessica Stenz Family Fund
John and Ruth Stepulis and Alice Smalley Scholarship Fund
Karen & David Stoutemyer Charitable Fund
George and Betty Stracke Charitable Fund
Strada Education Network Fund - Kauai Community College
George F. Straub Trust
Gertrude S. Straub Trust
Shirley Ann Stringer-Heller Fund
Esther McClure Stubblefield Designated Fund
Esther McClure Stubblefield Fund
Stupski Family Fund
Shuichi, Katsu and Itsuyo Suga Scholarship Fund
Colleen Sullivan Fund
Patrick J. Sullivan Fund
Swayne Family Fund
Rudolph Sylva Scholarship Fund
Leroy and Marcia Taira Charitable Fund
Lynette Takehara Scholarship Fund
Takenaka Kauai Healthcare Fund
Takenaka Kauai Cultural and Environmental Fund
Takenaka Kauai Community Fund
Taketa Ohana Fund
James Haruji Tamura and Fumiko Tamura Fund
Robert & Peggy Tanaka Scholarship Fund
Raymond M. Taniguchi M.D. Educational Fund
David & Frances Tatman Heifer Project International Fund
March Taylor Educational Fund
Elma F. Taylor Fund
Technology Transformation Fund
Alan & Grace Tenn Scholarship Fund
Neil Tepper Scholarship Fund
Haus Fund
Theresa Marie English Fund
Leon and Dora Thevenin Fund
THINK Fund - Endowed
THINK STEM Educator Scholarship Fund
THINK STEM Scholarship Fund
Ernest 'Tommy' Hayden & Harriett 'Rusty' Jean Thomas Fund
Robert Blaine Thomas Fund
TILS Hawaii Fund
Times Supermarket Shop and Score/American Savings Bank Scholarship Fund
Ronald E. and Ivy L. Timpe Fund
Hawaii Tobacco Prevention & Control Trust Fund-Grantmaking
Tobacco Prevention in Youth Program Fund
Curtis and Diane Togami Charitable Fund
Shaun S. Tokumura Memorial Scholarship Fund
Tokuyama Scholarship - Imua Program Fund
Tokuyama Scholarship Malama Fund
Douglas W.K. Tom Scholarship Fund
Emme Tomimbang Education Fund
Stanley & Renee Tomono Family Fund
Tongan Cultural Society Scholarship Fund
Tony Group Foundation Fund
Tony Group Scholarship Fund
Lily and Raymond Torii Scholarship Fund
James & Ruth Tottori Fund
Arneil Petrie Tout Fund
Guy Toyama Memorial Scholarship Fund
Adrienne Wong Toyozaki Fund
Traut Carson Fund
Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund
Lois Mitsuyo Tyler Scholarship Fund
University of Redlands Hawaii Scholarship Fund
W.D. Uehara Family Scholarship Fund
UHA Foundation Fund
Ulupono Fund
Hilton & Maria Acacio Unemori Fund
The Fusayo Urago Memorial Fund
The Gail Urago Memorial Fund
2019 USCM Hawaii Fund
Margaret & John Ushijima Fund
Margaret Ushijima Fund
Yoshi and Millie Ushijima Scholarship Fund
U.S.S. Bowfin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nick Van Pernis Scholarship Fund
Monsignor Benedict M. Vierra Fund
Joseph and Elaine Malama Vierra Scholarship Fund
Theodore A. Vierra Fund
Bernice and Conrad von Hamm Fund
Wag More Bark Less Fund
Mary & Paul Wagner Blindness Prevention Fund
Mary & Paul Wagner Charitable Fund
The Waialua Lions Club Scholarship Fund
Waikiki Wahine Fund
Waimea High School Class of 1952 Scholarship Fund
Walk the Talk Fund
Jenai & Roger Wall Family Fund
Richard "Rick" Wall Fund
Walt Whitman Fund
Ward Village Community Fund
Lynn & Jeff Watanabe Family Fund
Frances Watanabe Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kitaro Watanabe Fund
Marjorie Waterhouse Watts Reading Enhancement Grant-Koloa School Fund
Kendall Palmer Watts Fund
Eva H. Webb Fund
Leonora and Joseph Wee Fund
Weil Ohana
Weil Ohana Scholarship Fund
Paul Weil Scholarship Fund
Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Fund for Family Literacy
Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Fund
Franklin Benjamin Wells Fund fbo Public Television
Katherine H. Wery Fund
West Hawaii Fund
West Oahu Economic Development Association Scholarship Fund
GuavaGar Westfall Charitable Fund
When the Mainstream Runs Dry Fund
Alma White Delta Chapter - Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship Fund
Waianae High School Teaching Academy Scholarship
William Robert Wickland Fund
Lillian K. Wilder Fund
William J. Wiley and Iris M. Wiley Fund
Vicki Willder Scholarship Fund
Shelley M. Williams, RPh Scholarship Fund
Kitty & Buzz Wo Family Fund
Women's Fund Endowment
Jane C. Wong Fund
Richard Q.Y. & Esther A. Wong Fund
The Gregory Wrenn and Robert Pyburn Charitable Fund
World of Aloha - Danny Kaleikini and Linda Wong Charitable Foundation Fund
Albert M. and Merle T.K. Yamada Fund
Yamada Scott Family Fund
Ken Yamase Sportsmanship Scholarship Fund
Tai Up Yang Fund
Dr. Raymond and Carol Yap, Linda Yap Wong, Christopher and Constance Wong Family Foundation
Castle & Cooke George W.Y. Yim Scholarship Fund
Yokouchi Foundation Fund
Leslie-Ann Yokouchi Foundation Fund
Sadamitsu, Milly, Fred and Leatrice Yokoyama Fund
Ray Yoshida Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
Nadao and Mieko Yoshinaga Education Fund
Nadao & Mieko Yoshinaga Family Fund
Toraji & Toki Yoshinaga Scholarship Fund
Clarence F.W. & Virginia W.L.C. Young Fund
Clarence F.W. & Virginia W.L.C. Young Scholarship Fund
Youth Matters Endowment Fund
Yuen Masumoto Fund
Yuen-Masumoto IHS Endowment
Yukimura Family Fund
Zeri Family Fund
Zia-Miyasato Family Fund
Ivena M. Ziegenhein Fund
The Wally Zimmermann Memorial Fund
Henry A. Zuberano Scholarship Fund
Henry A. Zuberano Early Education Fund