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The Hawaii Community Foundation’s mission is to support positive change for Hawai‘i and help it be a better place for everyone. We know that nonprofits are absolutely critical and key to making sure that we can change the trajectory of negative circumstances and outcomes for individuals and communities community and ensure that we can all realize positive change in Hawaii. We are aiming for that positive community change together and the Hawaii Community Foundation wants to do our best to support nonprofits to be the most effective, impactful and sustainable that they can be. We believe that along with our public and private sectors Hawaii’s nonprofits are key actors in achieving the positive results we want to see and experience on all our islands. And to be successful nonprofits need the skills, talent and resources to be effective, resilient, connected, and results-oriented.

Early in 2017 HCF hosted meetings across the state for our nonprofit partners to discuss the results that are important for your community and for HCF. We all know that results matter … but what results? The results examples that people shared are included here.