Our vision is to create a future in which all of Hawaii’s residents can thrive and CHANGE has been created to build on the existing momentum of organizations and inspire everyone to support the work needed to make Hawaii a better place for all and always.


The CHANGE framework leverages a curated set of statewide data that identifies the gaps where help is needed and where opportunities exist.


CHANGE partners are committed to a set of well defined and shared goals that have proven traction and impact in the community.


Through CHANGE, we strive to construct effective coalitions between people and communities to create a stronger Hawaii for generations to come.

Our promise is to use the knowledge we’ve accrued and the trust we’ve earned over a century of service to be a catalyst for CHANGE.

CHANGE Documentation

Below are the latest documents that can help understand CHANGE better.

Hawaii Executive Conference CHANGE Committee Report - Government & Civics

Hawaii Executive Conference CHANGE Committee Report - Government & Civics

CHANGE Brochure

CHANGE Brochure

Hawaii Business Change Reports

Annual Report - Partnering for CHANGE

The data

The CHANGE framework is a curated set of statewide data that begins to identify the gaps where help in our community is needed & opportunities where help will do the most good. By working from a common set of data, our community can create shared goals and consistently track the progress of our collective efforts. Under the six essential CHANGE areas (or sectors) below are key issues (or sub-sectors) that affect the ability of people and communities to thrive. Sustainable data points round out the framework by telling the story of what is happening within each key issue.

Click a CHANGE letter below to see the data and shared goals.

Community & Economy
Health & Wellness
Arts & Culture
Natural Environment
Government & Civics

How to Get Involved

It is a very personal choice on how to give back to your community. We're lucky that, in Hawaii, our island culture promotes and nurtures a sense of ohana. That we're all in this together and that by helping those less fortunate than you, or volunteering time to make our islands a safe and secure place to live, or simply helping to fund special projects or organizations we can live a better life. We can all thrive.

This is why, as a critical part of CHANGE, we are hoping everyone will consider giving back to the community through either their
Time, Talent, or Treasure.

Change Framework

Giving the gift
of your time

There are many incredible opportunities to volunteer your time and help to make our community or simply someone's troubled situation better. Volunteering is both personally rewarding but can also be overwhelming rewarding as a team effort as well.

In partnership with the Aloha United Way we are hoping everyone will take the time to search for volunteer opportunities throughout the state and take part in any of the much-needed projects listed on their website.

Change Framework

Providing expertise through
your special talents

CATCHAFIRE is a community of individuals seeking to support and strengthen the social good sector. We do this by matching professionals who want to donate their time and talent with nonprofits who need those skills.

Do you have a special skill set that may be able to push an organizations mission forward? Please take some time to look through the list of project needs for local organizations to see if your special skills could help them achieve their goals.

Change Framework

Every one of our donors
has a reason for giving

The choice to make a difference through philanthropy is a reflection of the values and hopes that an individual holds dear. Who a person is informs how a person gives.

We are privileged to work with such amazing and charitable individuals every day. Every gift makes a difference in our ability to drive positive and healthy CHANGE in Hawaii. Please consider a generous gift the Hawaii Community Foundation Community Needs Fund.

Change Framework

we can create a better island home
now and for future generations

At the Hawaii Community Foundation, we deeply care about all of our islands and all of our residents. Our commitment is to help solve some of Hawaii’s most complex problems.

Through CHANGE, we strive to construct effective coalitions between people and communities to create a stronger Hawaii for generations to come.

Please consider becoming part of the movement.

Change Framework

The combination of people, place, and power
inspired the CHANGE framework

Recognizing that long-term, large-scale change cannot be achieved alone, CHANGE works to leverage ongoing initiatives that are making strong progress towards positive outcomes.

Hawaii Community Foundation hopes to shine a light on these initiatives, encourage alignment, and create partnerships to drive greater impact.

By utilizing the common data set as mapped out in the framework, we can collectively change the way we solve Hawaii’s challenges.

Join the Movement

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.