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Update on Grantmaking from HCF’s Covid-19 Hawai‘i Resilience Fund

The COVID-19 situation in our state continues to evolve and present new challenges for all of us working in the social and civic sectors. In March, HCF responded to the crisis by standing up the Hawai‘i Resilience Fund (HRF). To guide our giving, we activated our disaster response framework with a focus on grantmaking around four phases to address key goals. We are incredibly inspired by the work of so many organizations and individuals that have cared for our community in critical ways during this unprecedented time. We are proud to work among you.

Significant government resources have now been made available to support Phases I and II of our grantmaking strategy. While there has been no definitive start and end to any particular phase of our strategy, we are currently funding projects in Phase III and Phase IV with an understanding of the need for a safe reopening of our economy. We have discontinued the open acceptance of grant proposals to preserve the time of our nonprofit partners. In Phase III and Phase IV, we will dedicate remaining HRF resources to the following focus areas:

  • Economic recovery with a focus on making capital available through community development financial institutions
  • Food security
  • Public health and the growing need for mental health services
  • Diversifying and building a resilient economy

Going forward, staff will reach out directly to organizations and solicit proposals aligned with HRF focus areas that meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Represents the work and thinking of a collaborative or a network of organizations and interests
  • Addresses systems changes and long-term improvements that will be sustainable
  • Supports the nonprofit sector in addressing economic and programmatic challenges
  • Leverages other funding

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our transition in grant funding and process. Please email us at For additional grant opportunities, please visit our Open Applications webpage.