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Job posting websites tell the story — agricultural drone pilot, robotics engineer, AI developer, autonomous driving engineer, 3D/VR producer. These jobs didn’t exist five years ago, and jobs we’ve not yet imagined will need filling five years from now. It sounds exciting, sure, but it’s also a challenge: How can we possibly prepare today’s learners to thrive in such a future? How can we help Hawaii's employees recruit, hire and retain qualified local talent to fill needed jobs?

A common thread in these career opportunities is the increasing value of skills rooted in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Not only because 10 of the top 14 fastest growing industries require STEM training, but because workers need STEM literacy to thrive in the modern world. For this RFP, "STEM" is defined expansively to include all fields of study and work related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It includes not just substantive knowledge, but also the employability skills valued by STEM employers, like the ability to innovate, think critically, work collaboratively in teams, solve complex challenges and constantly adapt to new technology. "STEM jobs" includes the entire spectrum of occupations requiring STEM knowledge, from administrative support using computer skills to highly specialized post-doctoral applied research.

The Hawai‘i Community Foundation will not be issuing a new Request for Proposals for the Career Connected Learning grant program this year. We are in the process of updating and re-designing the program to better align with current trends in work-based learning, and to adapt to current circumstances caused by the pandemic. Information about the revised program will be posted on this website later this year.


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