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Our Team

The work of the Hawaii Community Foundation is carried out by a highly motivated team of talented individuals.

Executive Office

Kelvin Taketa - President & Chief Executive Officer
Kawehi Yim - Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
Chris van Bergeijk - Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Beth Curley - Executive Assistant to the Vice President & COO
Tom Kelly - Vice President for Knowledge, Evaluation and Learning
Curtis Saiki - Vice President of Philanthropy & General Counsel
Tina Santos - Executive Assistant to Vice President of Philanthropy & General Counsel
Myles Shibata - Vice President of Marketing Initiatives
Licia Hill - Executive Assistant to the VP of Marketing Initiatives

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Joseph Martyak - Vice President of Communications
Lynelle Marble - Associate Director of Communications
Beth Kuch - Sr. Communications Officer - Omidyar Initiatives
L. Chips DaMate - Events Coordinator

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Finance & Administration

Wally Chin - Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Jessica Calilao - Controller
Robert Abad - Senior Accountant
Lia Young - Senior Accountant
Linda Takehara - Accounting Assistant
Evie Carranza - Planned Giving Associate
Janet Cutting - Compliance Officer
Arleen Kamei - Human Resource Manager
Tess Dela Rama - Front Office Administrator
Ipo Ehia - Funds Assistant

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Information Solutions

Luis Pascual - Systems Administrator
John Prest - Systems Administrator
Chris Archambault - Web Solutions Senior Officer
Cheryl Kaneshiro - Knowledge Management Specialist
Cindy Garcia - Data Coordinator

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Omidyar Initiatives

Robbie Ann Kane - Director of Programs - Omidyar Initiatives
Amy Chamberlain - Senior Program Assistant - Omidyar Initiatives

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Philanthropic Services (Client Services, Private Foundation Services)

Amy Luersen - Director of Philanthropic Services
Lorraine Tamaribuchi - Director of Family Philanthropy
Pam Funai - Philanthropic Services Senior Program Officer
Kevin Rapp - Client Support Officer
Terry Savage - Philanthropic Services Program Officer
Susan Maltezo - Senior Grants Manager
Christel Wuerfel - Senior Philanthropic Services Assistant
Nicole Kaaina - Philanthropic Services Assistant
Liesl Woo - Philanthropic Services Assistant

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Advancement and Neighbor Island Philanthropic Services

Lydia Clements - Director of Advancement
Cara Mazzei - Senior Development Officer

Hawaii Island

Diane Uilani Chadwick - Senior Philanthropic Services Officer - Hawaii Island
Marlene Hochuli - Philanthropic Services Assistant - Hawaii Island


Darcie Yukimura - Senior Philanthropic Services Officer - Kauai
Uri Martos - Philanthropic Services Assistant - Kauai

Maui County

Deborah Rice - Senior Philanthropic Services Officer - Maui County
Inger Tully - Philanthropic Services Officer - Maui County

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Tammi Oyadomari-Chun - Vice President, Programs
Lisa Rodrigues - Executive Assistant to the VP of Programs
Marc Alexander - Program Director
Piikea Miller - Director of Programs
Josh Stanbro - Program Director - Environment & Sustainability
Cecilia Fong - Program Officer
Aarin Gross - Program Officer
Larissa Kick - Program Officer
Joseph Duax - Senior Program Assistant
Caroline Miyashiro - Senior Program Assistant
Lauren Sons - Program Assistant - Environment & Sustainability

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Eric Laa - Scholarships Officer
Jaedine Ehia - Senior Scholarship Associate
Ken Hasegawa - Senior Scholarship Administrator

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