Hawaii Community Foundation
Hawaii Island Volcano Recovery Fund

In April of 2018 portions of Hawaii Island’s Kilauea volcano suddenly collapsed and started an eruption that lasted for months. The devasted caused by this disaster produce hundreds of thousands of pool-sized lava fields and transformed the landscape destroying almost a thousand homes in its wake.

In response, the Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF), together with Anderson-Beck Fund, Jack’s Fund, Deviants from the Norm Fund and the Darrin & Darien Gee Family Fund established the Hawaii Island Volcano Recovery Fund to assist with recovery efforts in support of the Hawaii Island communities in need.

The fund received over 600 gifts from generous donors from around the world and raised just under $1 million in donations. We are humbled and grateful to all of those that gave to ensure the people in our beloved communities received the care and support they needed.


How the Fund Was Used