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Gift Instrument Forms

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The gift instrument forms below are actual samples used in working with the Hawaii Community Foundation to make the process of giving an easy and effective one for our donors and their professional advisors.

Charitable Gift Annuity:
A gift vehicle in which you provide a gift and, in exchange, HCF provides you income for life.

Designated Fund:
Donors can make a continual impact on charities of their choice and help to ensure the sustainability of those organizations.

Donor Advised Fund – Corporate:
A great alternative to a private foundation, a corporate donor advised fund helps businesses grow their community impact without the administrative hassle.

Donor Advised Fund – Individual:
A giving vehicle that provides donors with great flexibility and allows them to support charities of their choice at times determined by them through grant recommendations.

Field of Interest Fund:
Donors who wish to make an impact in a specific area of interest, but do not want to select a specific organization, can rely on HCF’s expertise to ensure effective grantmaking as the field changes over time.

Scholarship Fund:
Donors can design their own scholarship criteria to support students attending college.


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