Strengthening Hawaii's Communities

Strengthening Hawaii's Communities
Pathways To Resilient Communities

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A helping hand can provide food for the hungry or housing assistance for those in need.

Pathways to Resilient Communities (Pathways) is a three-year initiative of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation (HCF) focused on making transformational changes in Hawai‘i’s human services sector so that vulnerable and at-risk individuals and families receive high quality, effective services that promote their well-being and help them thrive. The initiative officially kicked off in April 2013 with the launch of a funder collaborative, leveraging the resources of 15 funders to support Pathways with a budget of $12.25 million over three years.

The approach to Pathways builds on HCF’s experience with two models — funder collaboratives and grantee networks — to achieve large-scale change and improve measurable outcomes. Funds from multiple sources are strategically invested to support multi-year grants for capacity building and system change agendas. Coupled with this, HCF forms grantee networks to accelerate learning and promote coordination on shared objectives.

The Pathways programs share a multifaceted approach to change that includes investing in these four components: data capacity and evaluation, promising models, network development, and systems change. Together, they catalyze organizations — individually and collectively — to achieve results for vulnerable populations and then scale and sustain the changes that are made.

Pathways Funder Collaborative Participants
Aloha United Way
American Savings Bank
Atherton Family Foundation
Bank of Hawaii Foundation
Central Pacific Bank Foundation
Cooke Foundation, Ltd.
Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
Hawaii Community Foundation
Hawaii Tobacco Prevention & Control Trust Fund
Kosasa Family Fund
Omidyar Ohana Fund
Richard M. Smart Fund
Stupski Family Fund
Kresge Foundation
McInerny Foundation


Housing ASAP

HousingASAP, a new program of the Hawaii Community Foundation, is designed to convene a network of family homeless service providers to help address a critical issue: homelessness among families in Hawaii. HousingASAP's main goal is to move more homeless families into stable housing faster, and keep them there. This three-year, $4 million program, will help network providers build their organizational effectiveness, especially their capacity around data and evaluation; form network partnerships specific to family homelessness; and provide leadership development opportunities.
Thirteen funders make up the HousingASAP partnership.

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Connecting for Success

Connecting for Success

Connecting for Success (CFS) is a program that identifies, tracks and provides services to cohorts of struggling middle school students to increase their connection to school and to improve their attendance and academic performance. CFS's goal is to increase the likelihood that middle school students will transition to and complete 9th grade, putting them on path to graduate from high school and preparing them for success in college, a career and in the community.

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