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Maui Nui

The Maui Nui Community Fund was established to support organizations in Maui County.   Originally named the Valley Isle Vision Fund by its creator Marti deBenedetti, in 2014 Marti renamed it to clearly define this fund as supporting Maui County. Many thanks to Marti and the other generous donors who have given to this fund (see list below.) 

HCF thanks the generous donors who have contributed to this fund:

Anonymous (1)
Eugene and Beryl Bal
Kathleen M. Buenger, in memory of Euphence Vockrodt
Stephen M. Case
Marti deBenedetti, Fund Creator
Richard Ford
Ginger V. Gannon, in memory of Mary Rocha, mother of Leona Wilson
Mitch D. Jenkins
Buck Joiner
Craig Kawamura, in memory of John Linden
Marsha Linden, in memory of John Linden, her late husband
Laurie S. Lowson
B. Martin Luna, in memory of John C. Baldwin   
Luanna McKenney
Charles G. Meyer
Charlotte Nakamura
Charlotte Nakamura, in memory of Janet Kitagawa Moore
Lois E. Reiswig
F.P. Rivera In memory of Fred Rivera
Jefferson and Patricia Stillwell
Kay & Lorraine S. Tamaribuchi
Grace Hamasaki in memory of Kay Tamaribuchi
In memory of Hisashi Inouye, father of Pat Endsley
In memory of Mary Rocha,  mother of Leona Wilson
In memory of John J. DeBenedetti & The Luna's mothers
In memory of Jean Gannon
In memory of Janet Kitagawa Moore
Brenda Tobias Made in honor of Richard & Evelyn Platek
Benjamin C. Willis