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Strengthening Hawaii's Communities
Transforming Hawaii's State Technology

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Hawaii Technology Transformation

Changing how state government delivers through analyzing business processes and streamlining programs

The "Transformation" is about changing how state government delivers programs and services to its citizens, businesses and employees. It goes beyond modernizing the state's information technology and resource management systems, and looks at business processes and the way programs are delivered to be more streamlined, efficient and effective.

Compared to the capabilities of other states, the State of Hawaii lags by 20-30 years. Current systems lack interoperability, reliability, security, privacy, and maintainability - preventing the state from solving current challenges and leveraging future opportunities. The Omidyar Ohana Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation proposed to seed the effort to begin addressing this serious need, and has invested $4.5 million to date to bring in expertise, create a plan, and help establish a funding stream through state appropriations.

HCF's early involvement in this initiative was based on the recognition that transforming Hawaii government is about social and economic equity; it is about equal access to services and benefits by every citizen on every island. It is also about supporting state workers with up-to-date tools, enabling them to improve efficiencies and provide a higher level of service.

As part of this effort, grant funding was used to hire the state's first Chief Information Officer (CIO), Sonny Bhagowalia, along with staff for the new Office of Information Management and Technology (OIMT). With OIMT leading the way, a 1400-page "Business and Information Technology/Information Resource Management Transformation Plan" was created to guide the implementation of this 12-year effort. 

The Transformation has progressed from the planning stage to the implementation phase. This is being lead by the current CIO Todd Nacapuy and a talented team of technology and program management specialists. Key areas they are focusing on include modernizing infrastructure, implementing new human resources and financial systems, and ensuring the best structure is in place for technology personnel to serve all the departments. 

The transformation has begun and the benefits for every Hawaii resident will be felt for generations to come.

Robbie Ann Kane

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