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The Ripple of Effect of Scholarship Giving

The Ripple Effect of Scholarship Giving

May 1 is National College Decision Day, the deadline for millions of high school seniors to commit to a college that has accepted them. As students embark on this momentous journey, it’s a good time to reflect on the impact of post-secondary education and the appeal of scholarships for your clients who want to invest their philanthropic giving in a better future—because scholarships don’t just fund the costs of education, they fuel aspirations, growth, and the realization of our greatest potential.

Meaningful Impacts
Thanks to the expert guidance you and your fellow professional advisors provide, your clients’ philanthropic contributions have significantly bolstered HCF’s scholarship initiatives, culminating in a series of impressive milestones in 2023:

  • Scholarship Applications Completed – 3,728
  • Scholarship Recipients – 1,069
  • Number of Scholarships Awarded – 1,376
  • Dollar Amount of Scholarships Awarded - $7,420,718
  • Average Scholarship per Awardee - $6,941
  • Average Scholarship Award - $5,392

Impressive as these figures are, what they represent is so much more meaningful. Scholarships unlock opportunities for deserving students, many of whom face financial barriers that would otherwise limit their access to the benefits of higher education. By alleviating these constraints, you and your clients empower Hawai‘i’s youth to pursue their academic and professional aspirations, creating a ripple effect that fosters success and reverberates for generations.

“A postsecondary education can provide amazing opportunities for learners, especially underrepresented students, who may experience more financial barriers to education than their peers,” says Tara Shibuya, director of the Community Grants & Initiatives’ Education Team at HCF. “Setting up a scholarship can be a great solution for donors who want to provide every student a fair chance at long-term success and upward economic mobility.”

From Recipient to Donor
Scholarships also create their own virtuous circle, providing upward mobility for recipients who often go on to support scholarships or set up their own, paying forward the generosity they benefited from. It is not uncommon for HCF to encounter a scholarship donor whose reason for giving, in part, is because they were HCF scholarship recipients themselves.

Dr. David M.K. Mattson Jr. is one of these HCF scholarship recipients, an opportunity that he says helped him become a doctor. He received his medical degree from the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and has been in practice for more than 15 years as a radiation oncologist in Buffalo, New York. In 2019, David established the Daniel K. and Millie Akaka ‘Ohana Scholarship Fund at HCF for students with a demonstrated connection to Hawai‘i, in honor of his grandparents.

"I have a lot of aloha for HCF because of the impact it made in support of my medical degree,” says Mattson. “Now that I am in a position to help the next generation of students, it warms my heart knowing that, together with HCF, I can make an impactful difference for them."

If you or your clients are interested in starting a conversation about scholarship giving through HCF, please contact Jen-L W. Lyman, senior director of gift planning and advisor relations, at (808) 566-5596 or jlyman@hcf-hawaii.org.