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Outstanding Professional Advisors

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The Hawaii Community Foundation would like to congratulate and highlight the following Professional Advisors who have received the Outstanding Professional Advisor in Philanthropy Award for their exemplary practice of incorporating philanthropy into their everyday work.

The Hawaii Community Foundation works closely with professional advisors—including estate planning attorneys, accountants and financial consultants—to help their clients fulfill their philanthropic goals.

2017 Recipients

Anthony F. Chun, Esq.
Law Office of Anthony F. Chun

Anthony F. Chun, Esq.

“At some point in our lives, we are the beneficiaries of another person’s kindness and generosity. It’s important to return the favor in some way, whether by donating money, giving a pint of blood, or volunteering time. When we give to others, we are educating future generations about the importance of philanthropy.”

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Helping Incorporate Giving into Client Estate Plans
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Darl C. Gleed, Esq.
Darl C. Gleed & Associates LLLC

Darl C. Gleed, Esq.

“Charitable giving may be the most enjoyable part of a person’s estate planning: it brings people a sense of purpose and a sense of commitment to their own community”

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Helping Incorporate Giving into Client Estate Plans
A Client Story
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Roger M. Higa, Partner
New York Life & NYLIFE Securities

Roger M. Higa, Partner

“Giving is part of my DNA. It’s not only about what you can give from your wallet; it’s about what you can give from your heart. Whether making a positive impact for someone in need, or working toward world peace, the selfless act of giving is the place to start.”

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2016 Recipients

Matthew G. Beall, Principal Broker, Owner
Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

Matthew G. Beall

“Giving is essential for our collective well-being, and is an expression of who we are as individuals and a community.”

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Transforming Generosity Into Lasting Change for Hawaii
Gift of Giving
How We Give

Louise K. Y. Ing, Director
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing

Louise K. Y. Ing

“In island communities like ours, it is important for us to work together to strengthen our communities and leave them better than we found them.”

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Brian M. Iwata, CPA
Taketa, Iwata, Hara & Associates LLC

Brian M. Iwata

“Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to improve the lives of people in the community. Therefore, the more we provide to the community, the more we are helping improve peoples' lives.”

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2015 Recipients

Gloria N. Buckingham, Esq.
Navarro-Buckingham Law Company

Gloria N. Buckingham, Esq.

"Charitable giving can be an important element of an estate plan and is a reflection of the values and priorities of clients, their families, and their legacy.”

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Eric Fujimoto, CFP®, CFS, MBA.
Ho‘ea — Wealth Advisory Group
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Christopher Dang

“Before I talk to my clients about means, we talk about meaning; what someone wants to do with their life, answers what they should do with their resources.”

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2014 Recipients

Nancy J. Budd, Esq.
Law Offices of Nancy Budd

Nancy Budd

“As clients think about what to do with their assets, they are actually reflecting on what kind of legacy they want to leave.”

Christopher R. Dang, Esq.
Christopher R. Dang, Attorney at Law, LLLC
Hawaii Estate Law Group

Christopher Dang

“When you give to charity, you connect your children to the causes their parents believed in and teach them that life is about more than money.”

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Robert Kawahara, CPA
Kawahara & Company, CPA’s, LLC

Robert Kawahara

“It’s important to give as a family; that’s how future generations will understand their family’s values and learn to give themselves.”

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2013 Recipients

Harmon Brown, Esq.
Schiff Hardin, LLP

Harmon Brown

“Philanthropy binds a family to its community and gives the family a purpose that their resources alone will never provide.”

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Stephen H. Reese, Esq.
Law Offices of Stephen H. Reese

Stephen Reese

“Charitable giving gives clients the satisfaction of knowing that they are going to leave a footprint that will continue past them, past their children, past their grandchildren.”

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Elizabeth A. Ivey, Esq.
Ivey Fosbinder Fosbinder, LLLC

Elizabeth A. Ivey

“Nonprofit organizations—from canoe clubs to soup kitchens to the colleges we attend—all exist because someone said ‘I want to make a difference.’ So helping someone with a planned gift is really their gift to the island—their gift to everybody—that lasts forever and ever.”

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Frances Lui-Kwan, CPA
Wealth Management CPA

Frances Lui-Kwan

“You can’t do planning without getting to know who your clients are, what they need and want to accomplish.”

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Robert W. “Bill” Hastings, II, Esq.
Hastings & Laun, LLLC

Bill Hastings

“I believe that most people like to leave a legacy and be remembered for having made a positive difference. Doing something good for our community feels good, and each time I’ve been able to assist a client in accomplishing his or her charitable goal, it has made me feel good, too.”

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Raymond Okada, Esq.
Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel, LLP

Raymond K. Okada

“Nowadays with the government so strapped with funding, it can’t possibly provide the services needed. So nonprofit organizations fill that gap. Helping clients help the community makes my job fun and rewarding.”

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