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Building Emotional Connections: Philanthropy and its Role in Families

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A young child smiles at a man wearing glasses who is also smiling at her while holding her.

Building Emotional Connections:
Philanthropy and its Role in Families

Attorneys, financial planners, and accountants often notice a remarkable trend among their clients engaged in philanthropy – a heightened sense of happiness and connectedness among family members. This is not merely anecdotal: numerous studies underscore the role of “prosocial behavior” in forging robust relationships. A mindfulness study revealed that 85 percent of individuals engage in weekly acts of kindness contributing to enhanced mental well-being and positive interpersonal ties.

In the realm of intergenerational family dynamics, recognizing the potential of philanthropy to foster lasting connections is paramount. Leveraging the expertise of community foundations can provide invaluable support. Working with a community foundation to establish a donor advised fund for each family member can also be a powerful way to extend a legacy of giving. Even better, opening a shared fund dedicated to causes you care about helps the entire family to contribute meaningfully.

As professionals working across generations, it’s crucial to embrace the power of philanthropy as a tool to strengthen family bonds. By harnessing the impact of giving, we not only shape a brighter future for communities but also nurture stronger, more connected families.

For more information about connecting families through philanthropy, contact Jen-L W. Lyman, senior director of gift planning and advisor relations, at (808) 566-5596 or jlyman@hcf-hawaii.org