Investing In Community Wellbeing

You Can Make Hawaiʻi Better

Participation is the key to creating a better Hawai‘i for all.

The 2019 Hawai‘i Civic Health Index Report revealed that in our state, “civic health” factors like voting, having conversations with family and friends about community issues, and expressing ourselves to elected officials could use improvement. Why does this matter? Communities with strong civic health have:

  • stronger economic resilience
  • better physical and mental health outcomes
  • better access to opportunity and strong schools
  • more responsive government
  • lower violent crime rates and youth delinquency

Now is the time for action - If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we will keep getting what we’ve got.

Want to Learn More?

Hawaiʻi Civic Health Index Report

Civic health reflects the degree to which citizens participate in their communities, from local and state governance to interactions with friends or family. Civic health also relates to the overall well-being of neighborhoods, communities, states, and the nation.

Hawaii Business Magazine CHANGE Report: Government & Civics

Government leaders, civic-minded citizens and business and nonprofit executives all must help initiate the changes needed in each of these areas. This report focuses on how government and our civic community must improve to help lead those changes.

Improving Hawai‘i is as simple as taking a few small actions with big impact.



Giving your time feels good and makes the world better for others.

Kanu Hawaii started as a movement of everyday people, working to protect and promote the things that make Hawaii special – a connection to the ‘āina, a culture of aloha, and local self reliance. The founders created this organization to strive toward change rooted in kuleana (responsibility) and a commitment to be the change. Kanu’s core of forty people, who collectively worried about Hawaii’s future and deeply believed in its potential, transformed this worry into action with campaigns centered on environmentally sustainable, compassionate, and economically resilient communities.


Tell local officials your point of view.

The Kākou App provides easy access to Hawai‘i’s elected officials. Read “Advocacy Tips” from Hawai‘i’s Legislative Reference Bureau. Turns out, we can influence local politics every day—even during “off-session” periods.


General Election Ballot Delivered: October 16, 2020.

Make your voice count and vote! Keeping your information up to date with the State of Hawaii Office of Elections ensures you’re prepared when voting day comes.