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Daring to Lead 2011

Daring to Lead: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership

The third Daring to Lead report in 10 years comes at an extraordinary time to be the executive director of a nonprofit organization. Since CompassPoint and Meyer Foundation’s last report in 2006, powerful forces have influenced the requirements of — and the possibilities for — embodying the role well. Executives are daring to lead through a deep recession that resulted for many in fewer resources and increased demand for services, yet executives leading critical social change efforts are experiencing greater opportunity and organizational growth. And we know more about how the sector is experiencing the generational handoff, about what works in developing future leaders, and about which executive and governance practices are most associated with sustainable organizations. This report is organized around three key findings and concludes with corresponding calls to action. Visit the interactive Daring to Lead website (daringtolead.org) where you will find report downloads, additional data and findings, downloadable charts and graphs, community comments, research methodology, and information about the project team and regional partners.

Author/Source: CompassPoint, et al.
Year Published: 2011
Publication Type: Report