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High performing nonprofits regularly collect data about their activities and their results—the impact they are achieving.  This information helps them understand what their programs are accomplishing, and helps them improve their programs over time.  Many high performing nonprofits also assess the quality of their programs, for example through client feedback, accreditation reports, or comparisons with peers or industry standards.

Online resources:

Performance Imperative Campaign: Inspiring great organizations for greater societal impact

Leap of Reason: Managing Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity

Measuring Your Impact: Recorded Webinar (Registration is required, but webinar is free), PDF

Outcomes Indicators Project: Refining Nonprofit Outcomes and Performance Indicators

Innovation Network Point K: Evaluation tools & resources

BetterEvaluation: International collaboration sharing evaluation tools and resources

Evaluating the social impact of the arts: A how-to guide

Compasspoint Nonprofit Services: Template for an organizational dashboard

Digital Data Policy Wizard: Tool for finding examples of data and online policies for nonprofits