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Investing In Community Wellbeing
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The Hawaiʻi Community Foundation aspires to be a catalyst of positive change for our state by bringing a century of knowledge, new insights and collaborative networks of partners to a shared quest for a better Hawaiʻi. Money alone cannot change the world, and HCF is more than the largest grantmaker in Hawaiʻi.

The Hawaiʻi Community Foundation plays a unique role in Hawaiʻi, creating and sharing new knowledge about pressing social issues affecting our island communities, and forming collaborative partnerships among key public, private and nonprofit entities to find potential new solutions to address them. We do this by scouting for new ideas to apply in our local context, strengthening leadership within the nonprofit community, and promoting effective and strategic approaches among the donor community.

The Catalyst Fund supports this activity that goes well beyond grantmaking. The Catalyst Fund is critical to our strategic approach to identifying where generous givers can make the greatest impact for the people of Hawaiʻi. In short, the Catalyst Fund is what enables HCF to transform social investment into social impact—to amplify the power of giving.


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