Investing In Community Wellbeing

Investing In Community Wellbeing
Focus Your Giving

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Philanthropy is personal, and we recognize your desire to ensure your gifts are directed to endeavors that are significant to you. You may wish to support specific organizations, or instead direct your aid to a general cause.

There are two vehicles to focus your giving on what interests you:

Designated Funds
With a designated fund, you can give back to one or more charities that inspire you. Your gift of a suggested $10,000 minimum is placed in an endowment that is intended to grow over time and support your favorite charity in perpetuity. You can make additional gifts of any size at any time.

With HCF’s expert management of endowment funds, the charitable beneficiaries are relieved of the tasks of administrative details, allowing them to focus on their core mission, rather than fund maintenance. A designated fund can also support a single event or program under the larger banner of a charitable organization. HCF’s stewardship of your investment ensures that your gift provides sustainable, annual support. You can rest confident with the knowledge that the original purpose of your gift will always be honored; in the event of the dissolution of the charitable organization, HCF’s Board of Governors will select an alternative charity with a compatible mission to receive the proceeds of your bequest.

Field of Interest Funds
A field of interest fund supports a specific geographic community or particular philanthropic interest. The arena of focus can be broad (such as education or the environment), or narrow (such as early childhood education or coral reef protection). You can either start your own fund or contribute to an existing fund with other donors who share your interest. For those who wish to support a cause, but don’t want to be involved with specific grantmaking details, this is an excellent option.