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Make a lasting impact with your giving. 

As your partner in philanthropy, Hawai‘i Community Foundation makes it easy to realize your giving goals through a charitable fund. A simple fund agreement and an initial tax-deductible gift are all you need to create your personal giving vehicle. Our team of philanthropic advisors can discuss with you the benefits of the various types of funds and answer any questions you may have. 

Types of Funds

Create a Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund at the Hawai‘i Community Foundation is an extremely popular philanthropic vehicle that is simple to create, convenient to manage, and flexible enough to offer you as much hands-on involvement as you would like.

Create a Scholarship Fund 

A scholarship fund at Hawai‘i Community Foundation can change a student’s life for the better by helping make education a reality. Choose the name you would like for your fund and HCF staff will guide you in creating scholarship criteria that helps those with the greatest challenges further their education and build better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Create a Field of Interest Fund

A field of interest fund at Hawai‘i Community Foundation allows you to identify and support a broad charitable purpose or category of interest, such as the arts, education, or human services, or a particular geographic area of Hawai‘i.

With a field of interest fund, you can rely on HCF to identify organizations capable of making the greatest impact in the specific issue or region of particular importance to you. Field of interest funds are especially good for legacy gifts.

Create a Designated Fund

A designated fund at Hawai‘i Community Foundation is a way to support specific nonprofits for generations to come. Many donors recognize their gifts are a critical resource for the nonprofit organizations they care about. Designated funds name specific nonprofits that are the beneficiaries of their grants and can ensure that giving in the donor’s name continues in perpetuity.

You choose the name for your designated fund and select the organization(s) you would like to support.

Create a Signature Fund

A signature fund at Hawai‘i Community Foundation offers a convenient, highly customized alternative to a private foundation. Family members and corporate managers frequently find burdensome the numerous requirements, compliance regulations, and administrative costs of a private foundation. They want an easier way that results in more effective philanthropy.

Your HCF signature fund is simple to create and flexible enough to offer you as much hands-on involvement as you would like.

Contact us

Interested in starting a fund? We have philanthropic advisors across the state who can help you. Contact our island teams or our donor services department at 808-566-5560 or email donorservices@hcf-hawaii.org.