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Pillars of Peace Hawaii

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Building Peace and Compassion Through Social and Emotional Learning

The purpose of this program is:

  • to test and demonstrate the viability and efficacy of evidence-based, best practice Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs;
  • to provide financial and professional development support to educators, schools, and/or community organizations to implement quality SEL programs;
  • to teach SEL skills to all participating students to grow more compassionate and mindful youth and to reduce aggressive and negative behaviors in the schools; and
  • to create a safer and supportive school environment, and encourage learning, compassion, mindfulness and empathy.

Over the next three years, the program hopes to support:

  • an increase in the number of students receiving high quality SEL program content;
  • an increase in the number of educators/staff trained on delivering SEL programs; and
  • a decrease in the number of bullying incidents and other risky, disruptive and aggressive behaviors occurring in our schools.

This program is part of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s (HCF) Pillars of Peace Hawai‘i (PoPH) initiative (see The initiative began with visits of global peace leaders to Hawai‘i, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Aung San Suu Kyi. While the global peace leader visits will continue to be a part of PoPH, the primary goal of the program is to have a more direct and sustainable impact on our youth, to encourage compassionate behavior and acts of aloha, and to grow ethical leaders for Hawai‘i’s future. PoPH strives to reach student audiences with messages and training that reinforces positive behaviors, discourages risky and negative actions, and encourages healthy and successful futures.

Participating schools will be expected to share their lessons learned with other schools and communities to expand the reach of these programs throughout Hawai‘i.

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