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A statement from our CEO

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June 15, 2020

Aloha HCF `Ohana,

In the past few weeks, the highly publicized tragic events in the United States have left us angry, sad, and looking for ways to take action. The death of George Floyd and too many others are stark reminders of the centuries of racism and injustice in our country faced by African-Americans and people of color. While the events may seem far from our islands, racism and discrimination in Hawai`i happen far too often, and it is unacceptable.

At HCF, we stand in solidarity with those who are peacefully raising their voice and calling for a new path forward. We believe that this is a moment of inflection for us all, individuals and organizations, to reexamine the actions and nonactions that have contributed to unjust systems and commit to doing more.

The Hawai`i Community Foundation represents the vision and desire of a community where all people have opportunities to thrive. In 2018, we created the CHANGE framework to explicitly address the deep inequities that have left far too many of our citizens struggling to just get by. We have ample data that tell us that many of our systems, institutions, and programs are not working for all.

The goal of CHANGE is to galvanize collective action across philanthropic and civic sectors, and alongside individuals within our community to create equitable opportunities across our state. Recent events have only underscored that we still have much to learn and a great deal of work to do. We are resolute in our desire to be part of a better Hawai`i and world.


Micah Kane

Micah Kāne
Chief Executive Officer & President