Strengthening Hawaii's Communities

Strengthening Hawaii's Communities
Celebrating A Century Of Philanthropy

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Philanthropy: It’s all about you.

Whether or not you understand what philanthropy is, you are drawn into the conversation because the focus is on you. You could be the benefactor. You could be the grantee. You could be the average person in the street who doesn’t realize how much and how often philanthropy has touched your life, directly or indirectly.

Historically it’s always been about you. You began as the next generation that those who came before cared about. Now you are the generation who in turn must care for the next. Philanthropy is all about you, and what you do for generations to come.

In 2016, we celebrate our 100th Anniversary. As part of that celebration, we are pleased to share with you a written history and timeline of 100 years of philanthropic giving and its impact in Hawaii. We have much to be proud of. Our history is replete with community heroes, leaders, and role models for sharing and giving—from the Hawaiian monarchy to corporate citizens to inspiring individuals. We hope that someday very soon you will be counted among them.

History of Giving in Hawaii

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The Islands have a rich history of giving, from the days of Kamehameha I to today’s generous response to disasters at home and abroad. Hawaii’s na ali‘i (monarchs) began a tradition of legacy giving that sustains our community via multiple interest paths—health, education, environment, arts and culture. Those who give come from all walks of life—corporate leaders, community members, even keiki—but share a common goal: to contribute to a better future for all of Hawaii.

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Timeline of Generosity in Hawaii

100 Years
100 Years
100 Years

View a timeline of remarkable acts of philanthropy.

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HCF's First 100 Years

Hawaii Community Foundation
The Hawaii Community Foundation is especially proud to stand behind these outstanding philanthropic efforts.
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