Hawaii Community Foundation
our TEAM

The work of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation is carried out by a highly motivated team of talented individuals.

Executive Office
Micah Kāne — Chief Executive Officer & President
Nella Kauwenaole — Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer & President
Jamee Kunichika — Vice President & Chief of Staff
Kawehi Yim — Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff and Board of Governors & Facilities Coordinator
Todd Apo — Vice President of Community Partnerships and Public Affairs

Sheila Sarhangi — Vice President of Strategic Communications
Kimberly Vierra — Director
Darell Castro — Creative Director
L. Chips DaMate — Projects and Engagements Manager
Kathleen Wong — Strategic Writer / Content Editor
Napualani Yasuda — Executive Assistant

Community Grants & Initiatives
Michelle Kauhane — Senior Vice President of Community Grants & Initiatives
Jaime Hinaga — Executive Assistant
Larissa Kick — Program Director
Tom Matsuda — Program Director
Dana Okano — Program Director
Justina Acevedo-Cross — Program Director
Robbie Kane — Program Director
Elise Von Dohlen — Program Officer
Kehau Meyer — Program Officer
Lisha Kimura — Grants Administrator
Mary-Joy Llaguno — Program Associate
Iolani Castro — Program Associate
Kayla Mae Abalos — Program Associate
Natalie Millon — Program Associate
Amani Love — Program Associate
Tricia Mabellos — Program Officer
Nanda Freeman — Senior Program Associate
Daisy Chung — Program Officer
Tara Shibuya — Director of Scholarship Administration
Jaedine Ehia — Senior Scholarship Administrator
Jami Kurtz — Senior Scholarship Administrator
George Seymour — Scholarship Associate
Aidan Quevedo — Program Associate

Development & Donor Relations
Darcie Yukimura — Vice President of Philanthropy
Tina Santos — Executive Assistant
Malia Peters — Senior Director of Philanthropy
Martha Hanson — Director, Donor Relations and Communications
Marissa Sandblom — Senior Director, Neighbor Islands and Initiatives
Eric La’a — Philanthropic Advisor
Kevin Rapp — Philanthropic Advisor
Jen-L Lyman — Director of Professional Advisor Program / Philanthropic Advisor
Joanne Watase-Yang — Manager of Development Services
Ethan Wung — Development Data Administrator
Leo Amador — Donor Relations Assistant
Diane Chadwick — Director of Community Philanthropy, Hawai'i Island
Malu Debus — Philanthropy Officer, Hawai'i Island
Chelsey Chow — Philanthropy Officer, Hawai'i Island
Uri Martos — Philanthropy Officer, Kaua'i
Robin Pratt — Philanthropy Officer, Kaua'i
Inger Tully — Director of Community Philanthropy, Maui County
Hannah Werth — Philanthropy Officer, Maui County

Finance, Administration & Information Solutions
Wally Chin — Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Lynn Shimono — Controller
Carla Pang — Senior Accountant – Operating Fund
Meldon Tausinga — Senior Accountant - Grants
Susan Maltezo — Senior Investment & Fund Accountant
Linda Takehara — Accounting Assistant
Luis Pascual Jr. — Systems Architect
Cheryl Kaneshiro — Knowledge Management Specialist
Jamie Mitte — Human Resources Manager

General Counsel
Kate Lloyd — Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Miya Zialcita — Executive Assistant
Kawena Beaupre — Senior Director of Gifts & Compliance; Associate General Counsel
Courtney Ikeda — Gifts & Compliance Officer
Ipo Ehia — Gifts & Compliance Associate

Strategy & Impact
Chris Van Bergeijk — Senior Vice President & Chief Impact Officer
Lisa Rodrigues — Executive Assistant
Piikea Miller — Program Director