Hawaii Community Foundation
our TEAM

Working at Hawai‘i Community Foundation is not just a job—it’s meaningful life’s work. It’s about making Hawai‘i a better and more equitable place.

HCF is a highly motivated team of talented people who are knowledgeable about the community, eager to identify its most critical issues, and passionate about finding solutions. We are diverse in our professional specialties, from legal to finance to analysis. Some of our team members have been with HCF for 30 years, while others became a team member only recently. Whether we grew up in Kalihi, Baltimore City, Kailua-Kona, Hilo, Lahaina or Boston, we are committed to Hawai‘i’s success. We proudly walk the talk both as HCF professionals and caring members of our community.

Executive Office
Micah Kāne — Chief Executive Officer & President
Nella Kauwenaole — Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer & President
Jamee Kunichika — Vice President & Chief of Staff
Kawehi Yim — Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff and Board of Governors & Facilities Coordinator
Todd Apo — Vice President of Community Partnerships and Public Affairs

Sheila Sarhangi — Vice President of Strategic Communications
Kimberly Vierra — Director
Darell Castro — Creative Director
L. Chips DaMate — Projects and Engagements Manager
Kathleen Wong — Strategic Writer / Content Editor
Napualani Yasuda — Executive Assistant

Community Grants & Initiatives
Michelle Kauhane — Senior Vice President of Community Grants & Initiatives
Kayla Mae Abalos — Program Associate
Justina Acevedo-Cross — Program Director
Iolani Castro — Program Associate
Daisy Chung — Program Officer
Jaedine Ehia — Senior Scholarship Administrator
Nanda Freeman — Senior Program Associate
Jaime Hinaga — Executive Assistant
Robbie Kane — Program Director
Larissa Kick — Program Director
Lisha Kimura — Grants Administrator
Jami Kurtz — Senior Scholarship Administrator
Kate Landau — Program Associate
Mary-Joy Llaguno — Program Associate
Amani Love — Program Associate
Tricia Mabellos — Program Officer
Tom Matsuda — Program Director
Kehau Meyer — Program Officer
Natalie Millon — Program Associate
Dana Okano — Program Director
George Seymour — Scholarship Associate
Tara Shibuya — Director of Scholarship Administration
Elise Von Dohlen — Program Officer

Development & Donor Relations
Darcie Yukimura — Vice President of Philanthropy
Tina Santos — Executive Assistant
Malia Peters — Senior Director of Philanthropy
Martha Hanson — Director, Donor Relations and Communications
Marissa Sandblom — Senior Director, Neighbor Islands and Initiatives
Eric La’a — Philanthropic Advisor
Kevin Rapp — Philanthropic Advisor
Jen-L Lyman — Director of Professional Advisor Program / Philanthropic Advisor
Joanne Watase-Yang — Manager of Development Services
Ethan Wung — Development Data Administrator
Leo Amador — Donor Relations Assistant
Diane Chadwick — Director of Community Philanthropy, Hawai'i Island
Malu Debus — Philanthropy Officer, Hawai'i Island
Chelsey Chow — Philanthropy Officer, Hawai'i Island
Uri Martos — Philanthropy Officer, Kaua'i
Robin Pratt — Philanthropy Officer, Kaua'i
Inger Tully — Director of Community Philanthropy, Maui County
Hannah Werth — Philanthropy Officer, Maui County

Finance, Administration & Information Solutions
Wally Chin — Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Lynn Shimono — Controller
Julianne Ito — Assistant Controller
Carla Pang — Senior Accountant – Operating Fund
Meldon Tausinga — Senior Accountant - Grants
Susan Maltezo — Senior Investment & Fund Accountant
Linda Takehara — Accounting Assistant
Luis Pascual Jr. — Systems Architect
Cheryl Kaneshiro — Knowledge Management Specialist
Jamie Mitte — Human Resources Manager

General Counsel
Kawena Beaupre — Vice President & Interim General Counsel
Kate Lloyd — Senior Fellow
Miya Zialcita — Executive Assistant
Courtney Ikeda — Gifts & Compliance Officer
Ipo Ehia — Gifts & Compliance Associate

Strategy & Impact
Chris Van Bergeijk — Senior Vice President & Chief Impact Officer
Lisa Rodrigues — Executive Assistant
Piikea Miller — Program Director