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Network Leadership and Social Change

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Network leadership is the practice of building collaborative capacity within and across organizations and individuals for the purpose of social change. Networks are increasingly being used as a social change strategy to address complex problems where progress cannot be made by a single organization, or in isolation from other stakeholders. Network leaders must be able to galvanize, align and inspire people across various constituencies for the benefit of joint problem solving rather than institution building.

Networks for Social Change

Networks for Social Change is a two-year program of the Hawai’i Community Foundation, designed to support networks that are working to create positive social change for Hawaii’s communities. Participating networks will receive grant support and will also participate in a Network Learning Lab (Lab). As part of the Lab network teams will receive coaching services and meet in person for quarterly learning sessions that will focus on topics such as network leadership, communication and stakeholder engagement, and the development of action plans and metrics.

Network Learning Lab Participants

• Hawai‘i Afterschool Alliance
• Hawai‘i Early Childhood Advocacy Alliance
• Hawai‘i Oral Health Network
• Hawai‘i Rural Water Association
• Ko‘olau ‘Āina Aloha
• Molokai Child Abuse Prevention Pathways

Network Learning Lab Facilitators

The program is designed, facilitated, and managed by consultants Liza Culick and Kina Mahi

Liza Culick, Esq, MPH, CPCC, is Principal of Culick Consulting & Coaching, a firm that specializes in catalyzing networks, building organizational capacity, and developing leadership in nonprofits and foundations. A leading practitioner in the area of networks, cohort leadership and organizational development for over twenty years, Liza has spearheaded innovation in the design and delivery of multi-sector networks, grantee initiatives, and leadership development programs and learning communities for CEO/Executive Directors and emerging leaders.

Kina Mahi is a freelance consultant who supports diverse organizations and projects that contribute to the health of our land, families and communities in Hawai‘i. Her company, KM Consulting, offers services in financial capacity building, project management, and network facilitation. She has provided planning, facilitation and coordination services for networks that include the Environmental Funders Group, the Hawai‘i Hunger Action Network, and Laukahi, the Hawai‘i Plant Conservation Network. KM Consulting’s services combine her experience with financial and data analysis and desire to engage in collaborative work to lift up community strengths.

Community of Practice (COP)

The COP began in October 2016 and included five learning sessions covering a variety of network topics. 100% of participants reported greater confidence in using a network approach in their work, and more than 90% gained new insights into their work through a shift in their mindset. Participants also agreed that through the COP they created new knowledge or insights together and added value to each other’s work.

Participants in the Network Leadership Community of Practice:

Jeanne Hamilton EPIC ʻOhana
Deborah Zysman Hawaii Children's Action Network
Breanna Rose Hawai‘i Green Growth
Jessica Yamauchi Hawai‘i Public Health Institute
Roella Foronda Hawai‘i Public Health Institute
Cristina Vocalan Hawaii Primary Care Association
Cheri Nakamura He`e Coalition
Kelly Miyamura Hope Street Group
Jeannette G. Koijane Kokua Mau
Miwa Tamanaha KUA Hawaii
Kevin K. Chang KUA Hawaii
Kei-Lin Cerf UH Hilo/Hokupa`a Initiative


 In January 2016 McLeod-Grant Advisors conducted a one-day workshop, “The Art and Practice of Network Leadership” to provide professional development to network leaders and to test the concept of a Community of Practice (COP), a longer-term engagement that would:

  • Connect a diverse set of network leaders working across issue and organizational boundaries.
  • Provide opportunities for reflection, learning and skill development focused on collaborative leadership and system change.
  • Create a robust network of network leaders who are better able to develop and execute their social change agendas.

In July 2015 HCF hired McLeod-Grant Advisors to assess the state of network leadership in Hawaii, which they did through a series of interviews with local network leaders. Some of their report's findings included:

  • Several leaders in Hawaii are leveraging network approaches to address system-level issues. However, these network leaders are not networked with one another, and there is little shared language or understanding about the “how to” of networks and network leadership.
  • There’s a strong interest in more professional development around the topic of network leadership, and for more actual networking.

To learn more, read the full report.

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Interested in supporting network leadership in Hawaii?

Contact Piikea Miller by calling 888.731.3863 or email pmiller@hcf-hawaii.org